Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I've got nothing

I'm sitting here feeling a bit blah.  It's been a very busy week and things are just kind of catching up to me.  Princess Bear (PB) is doing fairly well in school and I'm proud of her.  That said there have been lots of things that aren't so ok.  Like the fact that she had her head slammed in a locker by a friend.  I know he didn't mean to do it.  Honestly the kid adores PB and wouldn't hurt her on purpose.  That said I wish the teacher was around when stuff like this happens!  Color me crazy but I like knowing that someone is looking after my child when she's at school. 

It's been rough in that I'm still going rounds with most of her teachers trying to get information.  I spent most of last year asking for a better idea of what was being covered in all her classes.  That way her tutor and I can stay on top of the situation.  No more getting the information that she clearly doesn't understand the night before a test!  There is a new principal this year and she has been very helpful.  It's pissing off PB's teachers but frankly my dear- I don't give a damn! 

It's been rough in that I had some health stuff pop up that wound up sending me to Promptcare.  Try this ointment, go on prednisone for awhile and oh by the way your blood pressure is sky high so go to your regular physician.  Ugh!  So I'm not tired because of the prednisone (like my insomnia needed some extra help- NOT!) so I'm doing benedryl to try to crash.  It's not pretty.  Mornings are never my happy time of day and this isn't helping!

There are general news events that I want to touch on.  Robin Williams.  A tough one for someone who has dealt with depression and anxiety since I was a teen.  Ferguson MO is still pissing me off a number of different ways. 

One the upside of things PB got her new glasses today and looks great.  These are prescription glasses though and she wants to be able to take them off whenever she feels like it just like she could with the plano glasses.  This transition might be tough since my daughter is as stubborn as the day is long.

I'm going to a learn how to crochet basics class on Thursday that I'm quite excited about.  I know the basic chain stitch.  That's it.  I want to expand my crochet & knitting experience.   There is also the small matter that once again PB is making me feel guilty for going out and doing something without here.  Every time this happens it makes me think that I need to get out and do more by myself.  It's good for both of us.  

I've also found out about the death of a blogger tonight that I am very sad about.  She had such a sense of humor and was so willing to share her knowledge.  I had just checked her blog to see if things had settled down a bit for her.  She was so witty and we were very in sync politically.  I'm sad to hear about her passing.  Prayers go out to her family.

So I'm just at a bit of a crossroads on what I'd like to write about.  So I'm going to take that as a sign to not really write about anything right now.  Have a good one.


BonnieN said...

Hi Sarah! You are having a tough time! Time takes care of a lot of things,hoping things with PB and your wound fall into that category. I recently had strep throat and they gave a shot of cortisone to help reduce the swelling so I could swallow, oh my goodness,I could not sleep and I was dead tired! So you have my total sympathy!
Are you going to do a Farm King summary for last week? I thinkit good you are learning to corchet and time away from PB is ok for Moms! Take care,keep in touch.

Sarah said...


Hi! I will do a Farm Kings summary....I just need to watch it again! I had taken some benedryl and then watched the show. It's a bit fuzzy! lol I get that steroids are helpful but the side effects are pretty nasty. Remember how I kept on have repeat sinus infections last fall and all winter? The Dr. decided today that I need to be on antibiotics and steroids for 3 weeks, then have a CT scan and then schedule surgery. I'm going to be such a freaking zombie after being on this stuff for 3 weeks! I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. It'll give PB some nice time with her grandparents and I'll have some non momma time! Hope all is ok with you! Drop an email when you have a chance!