Saturday, August 16, 2014

Farm Kings Season 4 episode 1

Quick side note before I delve into what I thought about last nights Farm Kings episode.  I turned the TV on after I put Princess Bear (PB) down after the Farm Kings episode was over & GAC was still on.  It shows a pond in...Farmington Illinois.  Basically 15 minutes from here.  Small world.  I'd never seen Lake Life before so I watched a bit.  The company is based in here Peoria.  Even smaller world.  I was at a charity Polo event today and one of the Herman brothers from Lake Life was there.  Way small world. 

OK so now for my breakdown on the Farm Kings episode.  Of course the biggest issue in this episode was will Dan work for Freedom Farms or with Tom the contractor.  As we were watching the episode I was actually getting a bit annoyed about all the hype on whether Dan would stay with the Farm or not.  Past practice has shown that Dan always lets guilt get to him and he sticks by the family.  It's not always a bad thing but it was pretty bogus when Lisa called him home from his internship with Joel Salatin after the break in.   So I'm watching last night thinking "Of course Dan is going to take Joe up on his offer".  Dude- so wrong!  Obviously Dan decided to reach down and grab a pair!  Go Dan!  Now I'm not saying that family loyalty is a bad thing and in all actuality I think he'll go back to Freedom Farms but for now Dan is taking care of himself and his needs and that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I think the 3 partners love the fact that Dan is a freaking workhorse for them but they have showed no interest in making him a partner or giving him any real say.  In their own way they've done a grand job of belittling Dan.  So there's a side of me that says "WooHoo!  Way to go for standing up for yourself and want your interests are". There is also the side of me that thinks its a pity that the partners couldn't make Dan feel valued enough to make their offer worthwhile to Dan. 

Joe having his little chart with the squares, several of which were blank, was an idea that is half cooked.  It's a great premise he just needs to work on it.  Joe, Pete & Tim also need to figure out what they're going to do for their family that makes it worth their while to stick with Freedom Farms in these lean beginning years.  The idea that one day things will be peachy keen isn't going to pay anyone's bills or give them warm fuzzies for any amount of time.  They need to come up with a plan that entices the siblings to work and in turn gives them a reason to stick around.  Also Joe trying to make a point of saying that they've invested in Dan was a load of b.s. What exactly did they invest in Dan?  He was already a farmer by birth so what exactly did they invest in him?  If Dan hadn't worked for Freedom Farms they would have actually had to spend the time which of course equals money to train someone else. 

I was a bit surprised that Bitty is once again the manager of the Donut shop since that didn't work out well for her the last time she did it.  I loved her idea of a donut cake.  Very clever. 

Once again Lisa decided that Mama Bear knows best and was going to have donuts at the sandwich shop even if it meant paying for them herself.  On on hand I give her props for doing whatever to make her customers happy even it there is a bit of a financial loss for her.  On the other hand it's a case of Lisa one more time being heavy handed and doing what she wants no matter what decisions have already been made.  On the plus side of the board I do give Lisa points for making it perfectly aware to her children that she expected them to support Dan in his job decision.   Bravo Lisa!

The part about Ben wanting to be a farmer was very heartwarming.  The family really does do a wonderful job of playing to Ben's strengths while still trying to introduce him to new things.  I think it's a beautiful commentary that Ben wants to be just like his big brothers.

Now on the technical side.  Yes there is still a narrator.  Yes this one is slightly better and I don't want to tear my hair out when I hear the commentary.  I still maintain that the narrator isn't necessary. 

So there you have it.  My take on this weeks episode.  What did you think?


BonnieN said...

Hi Sarah, Here is a link evidently Dan has a change of heart,or this was for TV drama! He goes back.
I agree with your assesments,wondering where is that chef they hired that did such an awesome job last year with the sandwich shop? Who was the wimpy guy with Bitty, the new chef? She works with Lisa in the summer time,who will manage the sandwich shop? S
omeplace in a picture,there was a sign saying Freedom Farms sandwich shop coming soon across the road from the main market? The donut cake thing looked like the entire thing would stick together and be a huge mess! Especialy in arm/hot weather,but what do I know!
Very very disapointed Dan was not offered a partnership, they are just using him, I wonder if his future would be better in construction after all, gets insurance,more money, least he is appreciated. That was hard to watch, I may be even more disapointed after all if Dan indeed does go back. He seems to be content trying to establish his life with "his Lady".Just love Dan.
The untamed hair around food makes me crazy! Hair nets are state law here around any food.
The narrator seems so unecessary but tolerated better this year. Why can't one of the family just narrate it? Would be more believable.
Good for Lisa buying donuts!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the link Bonnie. I've spent very little time on their new website because it kind of bugs me. If that is true I can't say that I'm surprised. Dan wants to spread his wings but guilt gets him every time. Then again that's any family right? I was wondering all those things too! Yeah Bitty needed a winter job but will she be happy stuck inside all spring, summer & fall? I think Lisa probably scared off the other chef. I've seen that donut cake thing on Pinterest and thought it was cute but she did have a Memorial Day outside wedding so you're right that it might have been a mess. Through the seasons I've grown more fond of Dan too. He's such a cutie and seems to have a good heart. Its great that he's trying to establish a relationship with Leigh(a?). It would be nice if he was offered a partnership instead of being a workshorse to whip. Sounds like we're pretty much in agreement so far! :)

BonnieN said...

Do you suppose to be offered a partnership, they have to buy their way in? Like put up a certain amount of money? If yes, maybe he doesn't have it. No question they are a wonderful family,but come on,Dan should be a partner. If anything he went back foto be part of the season on Tv,good exposure for him and most likely money..Hoping they show more of Pete and the livestock.And why did the fruit crop have problems or fail somewhat? Want to hear more of that. Need to watch that again to get that straight.

Sarah said...

I'm sure he would have to buy his way in but there has to be some way that he can put up a percentage and then pay off the rest as he works. G-d knows its not like he rests on his laurels! I know fruit crops are tricky and this winter was horrid for lots of people. I wonder if that played a part.

Farmer's Wife said...

First off, let me say that this was the first time I have read your blog and so far, am loving your take on life! My husband and I are fans of the Farm Kings also and love all your discussion of them. My husband grew up on a dairy farm, so he especially loves all the farming talk. We actually live only a few minutes from the Sandwich Shop or should I say, we DID live only a few minutes from it. SPOILER ALERT!! The Farm Kings abruptly closed Sandwich Shop located in New Kensington on August 8th. I am sure that this will be shown on an upcoming episode of the show, but I am not sure if they will give what their reasoning was, but it sure has left a large consumer base extremely upset. Without any notification to patrons or staff, the Sandwich Shop closed its doors at its New Kensington after closing time and that was it. Next note on the door or anything. The sign was gone and the store was empty...everything in the store was gone. It was like they just disappeared in the night! That location was always hopping. Any time we would stop to eat/shop there was always a full house. We got to know the staff and they were all really friendly and helpful. There was an article in our local paper about this a few days later and the only explanation that was mentioned is that an opportunity to move the Sandwich Shop closer to the Market and Donut Shop arose, so they thought it was be best to move in order to make it easier for their fans to visit all three locations if they wish. New Kensington is approximately 35 to 40 minutes from their Butler Market location, so they thought that was too far away for even supplying the Sandwich Shop with produce, meats etc. While I can respect that this is just what they think is best for business, I also feel that maybe they could have just "added" another location. Put another Sandwich Shop location near their Market, but leave the original. After all, it would expand their clientele scope. We will still be supportive of the Kings and their mission to make farming more mainstream, but it will be harder to support them monetarily when they are now so far away from us. We used to stop in 3-4 times per week, so that will be no longer an option.

Sarah said...

Farmer's Wife-

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm so glad that you enjoy the blog! How interesting that the Kings just abandoned the ship, lock stock and barrel so to say! Certainly hope they somehow took care of the employees they had there! Sad for the community too. Then again Joe has made it clear that the bottom line is and always will be money. Customer care or convenience is not his biggest priority. He and Lisa have butted heads over this in the past. I'll try to respond more but I want to do a quick summary of last weeks episode & then I need to get to my sisters house for dinner. My youngest nephew is having a rough time so we're circling the wagons and having family fun night!

Thanks again for stopping by!