Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Farm Kings Season 4 coming soon

So who's ready for new Farm Kings episodes?  I know that Princess Bear (PB) and I are looking very forward to it.  Only thing I'm wondering about is why GAC bounced them to Friday nights at 9pm.  Isn't getting sent to Friday nights the last thing that happens to a show before it's cancelled?  I mean it's called the Friday night death slot for Pete's sake. Maybe we should start taking bets on whethere there will be a Season 5 but the idea makes me sad frankly.  That would royally suck.  The only upside of this is that  PB can watch it and not be groggy when I am trying to get her butt out of bed at 6:30am!  So I'm thinking we should do a scorecard of sorts of things that they might cover in episodes  (but most likely wont).

- Bitty's wedding.  OK we know they're covering this from the pics that were on Facebook and it was covered in their magazine.
- Maggie & Tim's wedding.  I'm going with no way no how.
- Joe & Heather's wedding.  Again, not likely.
- Tim & Maggie's baby girl.  I'd say there's a better chance of hell freezing over.

Am I forgetting anything?

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BonnieN said...

Hi Sarah! Great minds think alike I see. When I saw it listed as Fri nights, it took me back,same thing! I thought they got really good ratings. I agree with everything you have said, it would be so nice to hear about how the new baby girl is changing their lives,but we never will I know that. They had their live cam when Princess was in labor with her babies, it appears she nearly died, but she is ok now.She had many piglets,all is reported to be fine now. Did you watch that Live Cam at all? My thought is why make this season at all if they put them on Fri nights? As you said,the only plus is PB can stay up late to watch! We will be watching! Stay in touch!