Monday, August 4, 2014

Really Obumer?

First let me say that I understand that life as we know it is much more a world community than ever before with air travel being such common place.  I get that.  I also get that the recent Ebola virus scare is just that.  Scary as all hell.  In past ebola outbreaks the mortality rate has been up to 90%.  That is HUGE folks!  Think about a typical classroom of 30 kids.  Ebola hits and only 3 of them are walking out alive.  Now please understand that I'm in no way suggesting that entire classrooms full of children are going to be stricken with ebola.  I'm just using it as a numerical example of the gravity of this situation.  Ebola is some very nasty stuff that is beyond highly contagious.  There is no cure for it and as I mentioned the mortality rate is HIGH!  You can find some basic information about ebola HERE

So why mention the great Obumer in this context?  Well, you see he signed an executive order the other day.  You can read the White House press release HERE.  This makes it so that people who are most likely suffering from ebola can be transported into the U.S.  Yes I understand that there are other ways ebola is entering the U.S.  That whole world community thing has some downsides.  The fact that we as a country are WILLINGLY bringing people with this virus here is possibly the dumbest thing that this country has done EVER.  Hell it even beats reelecting Obama.  That really tops the cake of stupid.  If you like to read a bit about the 2 ebola patients that are now here (or almost here) in the US you can read it HERE.  My question is what exactly can they receive as far as care to help them fight this virus that they could not receive while still in Africa?  Why in the world would you want to bring something that is this virulent into the country knowinglyAll it takes is one cough, one drop of saliva, one sneeze, and the virus will spread.  I'm sure some people will read this blog and think that I'm off my rocker overreacting.  Especially when you consider that I'm on the somewhat conservative side of vaccinations.  I do have to say that when it comes to something that can be this deadly can you really be too cautious? 


Leigh said...

I don't think you're overreacting at all. Isolation and quarantine once were standard medical practices to contain deadly diseases. That has been kicked out the window. The other thing that's troublesome, is that executive order includes the "right" to detain and examine (without their consent) anyone who exhibits symptoms of ebola or respiratory problems. It's enough to make one think there is a hidden adgenda behind all this.

Sarah said...

Obama is very big on executive orders that give the government the right to detain people. This is by no means his first.

Now they are saying that Ebola can travel in the air and I think that it's just going to get much worse before it can be ok and we invited it in!

The whole thing makes me want to make sure that the family and I can hunker down and wait out any sort of outbreak. I certainly don't trust the goverment to advise me on it!

You're right they aren't as careful about quarantine either. It boggles the mind.

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