Wednesday, October 29, 2014

And time keeps flyin'

Time keeps flying by.  Honestly not sure where it is going but it sure is flying by!  I've had more meetings than I care to discuss with Princess Bear's (PB's) teacher, coordinator and/or principal.  I finally had enough of playing nicely and hoping things would change.  We had a new IEP last Friday.  Now things are in a lovely legally bonding contract that the teacher has to follow.  I once again found out that she was only teacher 1 reading group.  This time she was dumb enough to say it in front of the principal and the coordinator.  This new principal doesn't play around.  That was on Friday.  As of yesterday afternoon PB had been testing by the reading intervention specialist and will be starting in her new reading group tomorrow.  I've also asked repeatedly for the teacher to let me know what they are working on so I can go over things with PB at home as well as relay the information to PB's tutor.  She did that for the first couple of weeks of school and it stopped.  It's now written in the IEP that I must have information on what PB has done at least 3 times per week.  I hate that the teacher is such a completely incompetent idiot and that I have to be a total witch just to get information or my child placed in the correct reading group but I guess that's where we're at for now.

PB is most definitely my child which means she's clumsy as all get out and tends to have some serious bad luck at times.  A couple of weeks ago she hit her nose on the pool wall.  She wound up separating the cartilage and bone.  So not a broken nose but damn painful for her nonetheless.  Fast forward 1 week and she was jumping on her mini trampoline.  When you have a kid with way to much energy and some sensory issues to boot a mini trampoline at home can be a real G-d send at times!  Then there are times when your child is not paying a bit of attention when getting off said mini trampoline and they roll their foot badly spraining the main ligament and ankle.  She just got off crutches today.  She also had an abscess in her ear and the pediatrician thought she was going to have to be put under general anesthesia so it could be opened and cleaned.  Can you imagine getting a kid just our of surgery on crutches home?  Especially when the kid in question is 3 inches taller than you?  Thankfully the antibiotics kicked in like a champ and she did not have to go through that.

Not that everything lately has been bad.

Tonight we spent time carving and painting her pumpkin.  I need to make a small bow to add since she's adamant that its a girl cat!
 photo blog1_zpsfaf7786e.jpg

I've gotten to spend some great time with my nephews.  Yesterday Luke and I were playing with shaving cream.  I think he was having a good time, don't you? Gingers abound in this family!
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PB has been talking about getting her ears pierced for quite awhile.  I wasn't allowed to do mine for the first time until I was 12.  My sister had to wait until she was 13.  Now you can count to 13 on my ears if I have all my earrings in.  I digress.  PB had been asking for awhile.  She'd made me sit and watch videos on youtube with her.  I finally decided since she doesn't have to have any more major surgeries that we could go for it.  She's been taking care of cleaning them and turning them.  I'm so proud of her!
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My sister and I took the kids to a local farm for the morning and the kids had a ball.  They each got to bottle feed a calf, feed sheep, lambs, chickens and horses as well as collect eggs in the hen house.  They had some ponies that are going to be for sale right around the holidays.  PB doesn't understand why she can't keep a pony in the backyard.
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So that's the recap here. 

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Leigh said...

Good for you for sticking up for PB and taking whatever measures necessary for her best interests. So sorry she's had such a rough go with injuries to boot. Looks like your Disney vacation is almost here and I know that will be a welcome change for the entire family.