Sunday, October 5, 2014

Farm Kings Web series?

Ok since it seems like it would be easier to do a quick blog post than answer emails we'll go this route.  Last night was the last episode of Farm Kings on GAC.  I thought it was good but definitely not a season finale let alone a series finale.  I do wish that someone would come out with who and why the show was cancelled.  Was it a dumb error on GACs part?  Since the show had been doing well (read HERE) it doesn't make much sense that they would pull the plug.  Then again why would the King family end this?  It's kind of like biting the hand that feeds you.  Obviously the vast majority of their income comes from farming.  That said they were still being paid by GAC and the exposure from the show had to help economically in many ways.  How many people have done a road trip to go to the Market or Fall festival after they saw the show?  How many people subscribe to their magazine?  I think that without the show to keep the family in the forefront of peoples minds that things like magazine sales and t shirt sales will start dropping off.  So I can't say it makes much sense that the King family would ax the show.  Things that make you go hmmmm.

The King family is now trying to drum up donations to tape their own web series.They are trying to drum up $325000.00 dollars.  You can go to their donation page HERE.

For $hits and giggles lets so some math here based on the information on their donation page as of early Sunday October 5th. 

$2085.00  raised since Oct. 1.  That is 4 days worth of donations  so roughly $521.25 per day
If they stay at this rate they will raise $16,680 grand total.  That puts them at $308,320.00 short of their goals. 

So in the next 32 days they need to raise $322,915.00 to meet their goals. 
Or they need to raise $ 10,091.09 per day for the next 32 days.  Which means on average $ 9569.84 per day MORE than they’ve been averaging. 

 They are offering some lovely packages for those who donate.  I've also seen where Joe King said that if everyone who liked their Facebook page would donate just $10 each that they'd have this made in the shade.  I think this is the reason why I want to belt out Beautiful Dreamer to Joe.  First off there is a HUGE difference being hitting a non committal button on Facebook and coughing up $10 to the group that you've liked on Facebook.  Hitting Like is easy.  Just for kicks I went to my Facebook account to see how many pages I've liked....859.  I'm really hoping Joe wasn't betting the farm in this case on getting all their loyal follows to donate $10. I think the Kings have made some poor decisions on the cost of things in their store and I'm afraid that thinking they can raise $325k is right along the same lines of that poor thinking. 

 I think it's pretty clear by now that I like the Farm Kings.  It's a great show that I can watch with my daughter and not worry about the content.  I'm just not willing to donate money to keep the show alive in a new format. 


Hope Purdue said...

Can't see Joe "King of Money Making Schemes" agreeing to cancel the show. Seems more like a network decision (?) UNLESS King Joe wasn't getting his way about things...and hoped fans would help out. I guess we'll never know for sure. I'm really going to miss them in my living room! Things were getting very interesting with the addition of animals & the younger boys getting more responsibility in the fields. We were starting to get great info from Tim about soil, crops, techniques. I wish them well, but they'll have to make do without my $10, t-shirt purchase, and road trip.

Anonymous said...

A Friend and I drove from NE Ohio today to Butler Pa just to visit Freedom Farms market, donut shop and fall festival. The stars were all aligned as we saw and talked to Joe ,Pete, Tim and Lisa. TIm was parking cars. Lisa was running the eats stand. Ben was there, too. Tim Iis not as tall as I thought he was but his smile is killer and I felt like a teenager meeting him. I really don't think he sees himself in any way as a celebrity. lisa looks and sounds just like she does on tv. she has a lookalike sister who was weighing pumpkins and selling tickets for $ activities. the $5 admission included a tractor hayride around the glade run property with a stop at the pumpkin patch to pick . when we left we went back to the market to buy some pies and guess who was working? PETE and his girlfriend. He is so handsome and tall! He is also so sweet. when my friend asked him whether he would recommend the cherry or cherry crumb pie, he said "cherry crumb all day!". this is going to become our new catchphrase when we need a smile! saw joe for a minute and he was the least friendly. all he sees is $$$$. he is my least favorite. here is the big news about pete....the dreads are gone! he said they came off last weekend. Oh, and I had a glazed donut from the donut shop. it was light and very tasty. I surely hate seeing the show leave gac. maybe the tides will turn and they will get another season or two. oh, and the fall festival was held at the pavilion where bitty had her was an enjoyable afternoon1