Monday, April 13, 2015

It's just beginning and I'm dreading the next Presidential election!

This is something I posted on Facebook today.

 Is it too much to ask that people vote for someone based on their politics and not what their status is? The last time this country voted on status we managed to take race relations back a good 20 years or more. Voting for Killary because she's a woman makes you an idiot. I don't care if our next President is white, black, brown, blue, purple, pink spotted. Man, woman, transgender or whatever other label there is to slap on them. I'd just like someone that honestly gave a shit about the country and seriously cared about bettering it and our relationship with other countries.

 Honestly wasn't expecting much but it was just my response to Hillary announcing that she was indeed going to run.  No surprise there but seriously?  I know we've had politicians with blood on their hands before.  The Chappaquiddick incident comes to mind instantly.   Hillary's hands aren't quite that bloody but how are people forgetting Benghazi and her response?  If you don't recall you can go HERE at start watching at 1:30 mark.  The difference is that she was instrumental in lying to the American people about what happened at Benghazi.  She was instrumental in them not getting the help they needed.  She was instrumental in this:

 photo blog1_zps3agydxoi.jpg

 photo blog2_zpsatrgc0gf.jpg

I won't even go into the complete absurdity of her email situation and the lengths that she'll go to so she doesn't have to turn over her documents on Benghazi and be held truly responsible for what she's done. 

I've ranted about it before and I'm sure I'll rant about it again.  Voting for someone based on their status, IE race, religion, sex, sexual orientation (just a few examples), makes the person casting that vote a down right idiot.  Last month Obama actually mentioned the concept of mandatory voting?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????  We have a$$hole, low information voters voting for someone because they are black instead of what they stand for and we're supposed to think it's a grand thing?  Let's take it to the other extreme which would be someone testing a voters knowledge on each candidate before allowing them to vote.  How about we try it on for size.  Equally preposterous but at least a move in the right direction!  

We are so very blessed to live in a country that we get to have some say in who the President is.  If you're not sure why we don't have the bottom line decision in the matter take some time to educate yourself in the fact that the US is actually a republic not a democracy and the electoral college is the deciding factor. Winning the popular vote does not guarantee that candidate will be the next President.  It goes with who gets the most votes from the electoral college.  It has happened 4 times in the history of our country.   I digress.  We still live in a country that is governed by our Constitution.  One of the most amazing documents EVER written.  Think about it we're talking about a set of laws essential that is 226 years old!  It's only got 33 Amendments.  You can find some cool facts about our Constitution HERE

 It really pisses me off that people are willing to essentially sell or give away their vote on something as important as who the President of our country will be based about the persons race, sex or anything else so freaking petty!  I remember after Obama was elected Bill Cosby was on the Tonight Show with Leno discussing voting for Obama and how he took a picture of his parents into the ballot booth with him so they could see him voting for a black man.  Really Bill?  You (and so many countless other people) just sold yourself and your vote out.  What happened to voting for a person because they believed in the same thing you did and promoted policies that you felt were important?  When did it become "You're a 

situation so I'm voting for you?  When did it become the richest candidate or the one with the best fundraising was going to come out on top?  One of the worse things the Supreme Court has done to this country was to decide that corporations could financially back any candidate without limits.  I personally think that campaign contribution laws need to really be examined and rewritten.  It should no be a matter of he who raises the most wins the election because they can afford the most media coverage and marketing.  That is not how campaign contributions should work.  There should be a cap and corporations and PACs/ Super PACs should be abolished so citizens can get back to hearing  from all candidates and making a decision based on what the candidate believes in.  

So there you have it.  My political rant for the day! 

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