Monday, April 20, 2015


So Spring came to visit.  It was lovely!  Driving around with the car windows open and  music turned up!  T-shirts and capris were dug out.  It was lovely!  The daffodils, tulips and lilacs are blooming!  It was lovely!  Alas, it was just a visit!  The saying around here is if you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes it'll change!  I'm now sitting here drinking hot tea and the heat is turned on!  Then again today's chilly and overcast is much better than yesterdays chilly and rainy so I'll take this and just enjoy looking at the daffodils and hope it warms up very soon! 

This past weekend was spent running lots of errands and watching Princess Bear (PB) try to dig out of her room.  To be honest after returning from Florida in December we were all sick and then life just got busy.  I really just didn't give a rats patooty what her room looked like.  Not a good thing because she really didn't care either.  Consequently her room looks like a dump.  Tomorrow is picture day at school and she's desperately looking for her Essie base coat and Sally Hansen quick dry since I told her I wasn't doing her nails until she found bit.  I'm such a mean mom!  On Saturday we spent some time putzing around Menards with my friend Susie and her kids.  I love that PB gets along so well with Susie's kiddos.  I grabbed several bags of organic dirt to top off the raised beds as well as several coir blocks to use.  I don't get why more people don't use coir instead of peat.  The price is right and it's sustainable.  Winner winner!   Yesterday after Sunday school and Church we got home and my mom opens the garage door and tells me to put on my ankle brace and that PB has to go to the bathroom.  We wound up running all over G-ds green earth!  The grocery store, dropping off a couple of meals for one of my mom's friends that had surgery and then we hit Farm and Fleet.  We tend to buy a lot of PBs clothes there.  Since she's completely out of kids sizes now its even harder to find stuff that is ok for her.  Doesn't look too old, isn't too low or too tight.   Basically it's a total pain in the a$$.  I do think I will finally break out the sewing machine this summer.  After about an hour of trying on various clothes we found several pairs of shorts and capris that work.  We're lacking in the t-shirt department.  PB kept on picking out John Deere, Carrhart, and Browning.  She was literally begging for a Browning sweatshirt that was on clearance.  My mom just kept on saying she refuses to dress her granddaughter like a redneck.  I'm going this weekend to see if the sweatshirt is still there.  If so it will be part of her birthday gift. 

We wrapped up the weekend watching the ACM awards.  It was great that the Oklahoma bombing was honored on the anniversary.  PB had a ball watching Luke Bryan.  So all in all it was a nice weekend!   Now for it to warm up enough to get the garden ready to go!  We're trying some new stuff this year and I'm really looking forward to it! 


Susy said...

Now if we could just get them to put the stuff on a lower shelf! They need step stools or something. Seriously!! Did you ever find the milkweed? Thanks for getting me out of the house for a few. I needed it, that's for sure.

Oh, and it will get warm again. Then we can crab about how hot it is.

Sarah said...

Lower shelves would definitely be helpful!!! :) No milkweed to be had yet! We've tried Hoerr's, Sheridan Nursery, and Heights Flowers. Everybody said to check back in a week or 2. Probably a good thing with it cooling down again! Anytime! It was a treat for me as well!