Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Life as I know it.....

is ever changing!  Not sure whether that's good or bad but it is what it is!  There continues to be fall out from this drama/mess with the little boy in Princess Bear's (PB's) classroom.  It just keeps coming.  I'm so completely ready for this school year to be over!  I did take a look at the little boys mothers Facebook page before unfriending her.  I'd never really looked at it before.  The woman is completely unguided.  Therefore I shouldn't be that surprised that her son is the same way.  I continue to feel bad for this little boy but am so glad that my child has nothing more to do with him!

Last night PB officially joined 4H!  She's very excited because she's friends with 3 of the little boys in the group.  We went on one field trip with them and she loved it so I'm hoping this continues to be  a good thing for her.  I'm also in the middle of trying to set up summer plans.  I really don't want to have too much set in stone.  It seems like I spend half the summer chauffeuring PB from one activity to another.  I'd like to have things be a little more relaxed this summer if possible. 

There is probably more going on but right now I'm too darn tired to remember!  I do believe it's time to call it a night!

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