Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Kick Off 2015

First of all thank you for the kind comments and emails about my Great Aunt's passing.  It was so very kind of y'all.  I'm not sure why her death was so much harder than my other Great Aunt especially considering I lived with Aunt Celia for awhile.  Part of it is because of how badly this has rocked my dad.

Things have been very, very, very (did I mention very?) crazy around here.  It seems like there is a lot of "stuff" to do to wrap up the school year.  Then we slammed into summer.  No down time for us! Since Princess Bear's last day of school she's had 2 4H trips, twice a week tutor sessions, she's started guitar lessons, resumed swim lessons as well as OT and continued with her piano lessons.  Still to add in is horseback riding and Michael's Passport to Imagination classes twice a week and babysitting my youngest nephew weekly.

We've also had some random things thrown in to the mess. Last week we found out that my dad has synostosis of the spinal column.  This will most likely lead to another surgery for him.  The last surgery he had on his spine he recovered from very quickly.  I'm hoping the same holds true this time.  I'm just pretty scared for him. 

 My sister and brother in law rented a suite for the local farm league games Star Wars night.  They'd done this once before but PB was sick so we didn't get to go.  Before the game we went to Church as a family.  I honestly can't tell you the last time it was all of us.   My youngest nephew knows that Aunt Sarah has an almost impossible time telling him no so he was in rare for during Mass.  I finally promised him that he'd have my undivided attention at the game so he settled down.  The suite was a lot of fun.  The weather was unexpectedly cool so it was nice to have the option to sit inside the suite if we wanted to.  There was also a TV and I was able to catch the Chicago Blackhawks game.  While I like baseball and I really to love watching it live I'm more of a hockey person.  The mascot for the local team is a Dalmatian called Homer.  For Star Wars night he was carrying around a light sabre and my youngest nephew was beyond enthralled.  PB was thrilled when a picture of her with a Snowtrooper, Imperial officer, a Stormtrooper and some character that I DO NOT know (I'm losing Star Wars Cred with my nephews if I admit that!) appeared on the jumbo tron screen.  My dads reaction was also great.  He was outside braving the cold weather with my nephews while the rest of us hung out inside watching that came and the Hawks.  Next thing I know my brother in law says "Sarah!  Sarah!  Outside!"  I look up and sure enough there is PB on the jumbo tron.  My dad stood up and turned around to look at all of us in the suite with this completely dumbfound expression of "how in the bloody hell did my granddaughter wind up on that?!!?".  It was too much fun.  PB was all kinds of excited about it.  For 2 seconds she was sad that school was over and she couldn't tell the guys about it.  It was a really fun evening.

Mother Nature also decided to show a bit of her fury this past weekend.  We were in Pekin for a wedding shower.  I've known Emily since she was 3 or 4 years old and Hannah since she was born.  It seems so unreal that Emily is getting married!  We were about 30 minutes outside of Peoria and it was a pretty significant storm there.  I picked up my phone to take a picture and it started ringing.  My dad had tried to call several other times.  We we live had a serious thunder storm. As in trees down everywhere and lots of people without power for several hours.  We live on a dead end and a tree had fallen across the street.  My dad told me to park near the end of the block and walk home but to be care since wires were down and the other half of the block was without power.  By the time we made it home the guys in the neighborhood had used their saws to break the tree into pieces that could be moved so the road was cleared.  Hannah sent me a message saying that they'd had 2 trees come down in the storm.  I included a photo in the slide show that was taking about 5 minutes from my house.  I'm hoping that Mother Nature decides not to flex her muscles for awhile! 

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Leigh said...

PB is so cute! I loved the slide presentation, such a wonderful album of memories.

I have to say that your life is indeed soap worthy!

Michaele said...

I hope summer doesn't go by too quickly for you. The slide show was neat. I hadn't heard of Smilebox before.

Brigid said...

I am sorry I missed that passing of a beloved family member - dealing with my Dad's quick decline at age 95, I've not been on line near as much (thank you saved posts).

I hope you continue to share in those memories.

My condolences to all of your family.

Sarah said...

Leigh- Thanks so much! I'm doing more Project Life to document PB and I'm having so much fun!

Michaele- Me too! I'd like a nice relaxing summer! I love Smilebox! I'm cheap and won't sign up for the monthly membership but they still have great free options!

Brigid- Thanks so much for your kind words. No worries about the lack of online presence. I haven't heard anything on your blog but I'm hoping your Dad gets to have a wonderful visit with your cousin! Thanks again for the condolences.