Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Something in the water?

I was going to write a fairly serious post tonight but I'm sick as all get out and tired to boot.  So I thought since I've not touched on anything Farm Kings in a long time (not much with them off air though is there?) that I'd do a quick one.  Lisa has to be the proud grandma.  In less than a year she's more than doubled the number of grandchildren she has.  When they were on air Joe had 2 kids (Lilly/ Lily and William) and Pete had one (Jillian).  Since then Tim & Maggie have added a little girl (June*), Joe and Heather added a boy (Owen), Pete & Jessie added a boy (Peter but not a Junior), and Bitty and Cam added a little girl (Ellie).  Now for the * these are the names that have been reported to me by more than one source.  Can I swear to it?  Nope!  So don't go getting your panties in a bunch if the names are wrong.  Seriously- what is in the water in PA?  Congrats to all the Mom's and Dad's.  I hope the kids are strong and healthy and delight you in every way possible. 

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