Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Apparently I needed a blogging break!

Not really sure why it is that I needed to disappear for awhile but I did.  While I really did miss keeping up with the blogs I usually read and I really missed conversing with those in the blogosphere I've learned to not question when I feel the need to take a break.  I do think part of it is that summertime with Princess Bear (PB) is filled with multiple activities a day.  While I love blogging it is something relatively easy to put on the back burner.  So, that explains what happened to July and most of August.  Nothing much to explain why I didn't pick it up right away as soon as PB went back to school.  Things really are still very chaotic.   I do know that with fall finally being here and winter just around the corner I'm feeling a sense of things slowing down.  I'm one of those people that basically hibernates my way through winter. 

So what in the heck has been going on?  Here's a quick rundown. 

-PB started 7th grade this year.  We have what seems to be like an incredible teacher who tries very hard to keep me in the loop on everything.  I'm thrilled beyond belief.  PB seems to be enjoying herself this year.  She's once again on Student Council and is super excited about that.  She also (finally) is able to pick an elective class and she choose Chorus.  It seems to be a really good fit!  Much better than French Club that she wanted to try.  Sacre Bleu!!!

-My parents are going through a rough patch as life has thrown them a few curve balls.  As I've mentioned my Dad works for Caterpillar.  About a month ago CAT announced that they are laying off somewhere around 10,000 employees.  Since my dad is 69 they offered him a retirement package.  Not at all what he wanted.  He had no intentions of retiring anytime soon.  Of course he didn't have to take the package but then when the next wave of layoffs occurred he wouldn't have been offered a severance package.  At this point in time I'm hoping that Doug Oberhelman (CAT CEO) gets bitch slapped by Karma very soon.  It seems as though the stress of this has triggered another series of my Dad's irregular heartbeat issue so there has been an increase in Dr. appointments for him. 

-I've been very busy adding designs to my CafePress store.  It spends a great deal of time just petering along but there's always a big increase in sales between October and January.  I love this since it's how I manage to buy Christmas gifts for PB and my nephews.  Other than that I'm relatively ok and things haven't changed much.  I'm still having some big issues with getting my thyroid numbers under control and my Dr. is convinced that all my issues are not tied into my Hashimotos.  So in a few weeks I'm going to become a human pincushion while they start drawing labs and try to find where to go from there.  I'm trying to remain calm.  I've know from dealing with my sister that once you have one autoimmune disease you're very likely to have others.  I was just hoping against hope or for more time. 

So that's the short version of life here.  I hope to be checking in on all the blogs I normally follow in the next couple of days.  Hope all is well with you!

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