Monday, October 26, 2015

You don't get to pick your siblings

Things have been crazy busy around here.  Princess Bear (PB) had Parent Teacher conferences last Thursday and had the day off on Friday.  Friday morning we dropped my mom off at a conference that she was attending and proceeded to spend the next 4.5 hours running errands.  We ordered a backup pair of glasses for PB.  She’s doing much better about putting them in the case and taking care of them but I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a back up.  She had a Dr appointment that day and then it was errands getting ready for all the Halloween stuff going on lately.  She’s part of a local group that provides social activities for people with developmental and physical disabilities.  This group does an awesome making sure that everyone has a great time.  This month it was a Halloween themed dinner and trick or treating in the building.  She walked out with a boatload of candy.  She did share it with her grandparents and her cousins.  I did have to make a couple of dozen cupcakes for that.  I decided to stay with the Halloween theme and bought some Wilson icing decorations.  Oh my goodness!  They were way, way, way hard.  Like break your teeth hard.  So not happy with Wilson decorating at the moment!   We’re having a Halloween potluck at our house on Friday.  I’m making more cupcakes for that as well as PB’s class party.  Sure not planning on using any Wilton decorations!  Actually the ones for her school party will be orange icing and Halloween sprinkles.  The ones for the potluck will be decorated as mummies. 

This whole potluck thing is driving me nuts.  I invited several families.  One person gave me a definite RSVP without my asking and another friend of mine isn’t sure since her kids have dentist appointments that day.  I get that you won’t know until you’re done at the appointment.  Everyone else I’ve had to track down and ask and no one can tell me what they’re bringing.  As of right now it’s looking like 14 people with another 11 as a possibility.  I have no idea how much of what to make!  On the upside of things they house is getting a deep cleaning that it normally never gets.  I’ve even gone over all of the cabinets in the kitchen with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  I so love the smell of that stuff! 

I did almost attempt to reach through the phone and strangle my sister today.  A few days ago my mom told me that we’re doing Thanksgiving here.  That means that I’m on for all the cleaning before and after.  Have I mentioned that we don’t have a dishwasher?  My parents just aren’t able to do as much cleaning as they used to.  Add to that the fact that I’m having some severe joint pain issues on a daily basis (this is why I’m being tested for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis in a few weeks).  When my mom told me that Thanksgiving was ours she knew how I was going to react.   My sister has managed to get out of doing absolutely all family events this year.  She thinks if she offers to pay that it’s enough.   So to the part when I wanted to strangle her.  I was standing on a chair cleaning off some of the cabinets.  My Dad had been calling all morning because of an issue he was having with his cell phone.  Umm- can’t do much to help you Dad until I can actually SEE the phone.  So all morning I’d been hopping off the stool to answer the phone.  My sister calls with this attitude of “what do you want me to bring and how many people will be there”.  I explain to her that I’m standing on a chair cleaning the cabinets and promise to call her back with the exact head count (at least what I have as of now) in a few minutes.  She then tells me that instead of cleaning the cabinets I should be doing X,Y and Z.  I literally didn’t say a word and just waited for her to shut up.  Do I tell me sister how to take care of her house?  No.  Do I tell my sister how to take care of her kids even if she’s doing something I think is not in their best interest or fair?  No.  I love my nephews more than life itself but they aren’t my kids.  Do I tell her what a complete shit she is to dump on the holidays on my parents and myself?  No.  Only because I know my mom doesn’t want to deal with my sisters crap afterwards.
 Today though I was
a)      very tired
b)      in a ton of pain (a raging sinus infection and a double kidney infection will do that!)
c)       a complete PMS hormonal mess (I really need a shirt or warning system that says “I have PMDD- do not mess with!)
d)      completely at the end of my rope with my sister. 

I just again told her that I’d get her the info she wanted in a few minutes and hung up.  When I originally started planning this potluck it was great because we were already going to be watching my nephews while my sister and brother in law ran a night race in a local cemetery.  Best of both worlds.  Spending time with the boys and not having to deal with my sister.  When my mom came home today I gave her the rundown on the conversation with my sister.  She was slightly less than pleased with my sister.  She did give me credit for not completely going off on my sister. 

Tomorrow is more errands, cleaning and general fun.  I’m just hoping that PB has as much fun at the potluck as she’s envisioning. 

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Susy said...

Trust me, I'd rather do the potluck over the dentist. I'm so not looking forward to that at all.