Monday, October 19, 2015

There are just some issues

Sometimes there are just issues that people will never ever agree on.  It's what makes the world interesting.  Over the weekend I linked to the following article about teachers in Oregon having the right to conceal carry on school premises.  You can find the article HERE.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the idea.  Actually Princess Bears (PB) and I had a similar conversation a few months ago.  Here's the deal.  Should there be stricter gun regulation rules?  Perhaps.  What I do know is that bad, evil people that are hell bent on doing bad, evil things will get a hold of any weapon they want regardless to the safety measures put in place.  The sad reality of the world we live in is that anything is available to anyone if you're willing to search it out and pay for it.  One of the comments that a friend left was "I wonder how long it will take for a teacher to get angry and shoot at a kid."  Really?  If that were the case and teachers were so unsuccessful with keeping their tempers in check then you'd hear of many cases of teachers just beating the holy crap out of students.  That's like saying no one should own a gun because no one can be sure to keep their emotions in check and not use the gun inappropriately.  The other argument I loved is that there is at least 1 police officer in (many) local schools so they should be able to handle the situation.  Really?  Yeah because the odds are frankly against that police officer.  Don't you think if you were an armed gunman that one of your first targets would be the only armed  person that might foil your plans?  I hate the idea of my child being a sitting duck.  I hate that she has to have regular drills on what should happen if the school does have an armed attacker on the premises.  I do love the idea that of adding the availability of a few more people to help safely secure the situation.  If more schools allowed the teachers to conceal carry it becomes a matter of how lucky does the gunman feel that day vs there might be 1 person that will attempt to stop me until the police arrive.  I'm all about increasing the odds.

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