Monday, November 30, 2015

Well Dang!

Where did November go???  I knew I hadn't blogged in a bit but didn't realize it was for almost an entire month!  Some of it has been because of my mood.  At times blogging really helps and at other times its just more than I want to deal with.

So what's been going on?  Well- we all survived Thanksgiving.  There was only one threat made to call the police and for the most part things went well.  I was still pissed at me sister for deciding that she couldn't deal with Thanksgiving.  Personally I think it was pretty crappy of her.  Then in addition to not being able to host she decided that no one wanted turkey and a ham was necessary.  Of course my mom wasn't going to tell her to shut her pie hole and catered to her and my traditionalist dad by serving both turkey and ham.  I really do miss when we had an extra oven in the basement.  It made cooking for the holidays a lot easier! There was minimal personal drama at the dinner so that was a lovely change.

On Saturday we all gathered to celebrate my oldest nephews birthday.  Man where have the last 8 years gone????  He's such a caring, smart boy and I'm so proud of him.  It was the birthday of Pokemon.  I was the person writing the list of who gave what so proper thank you notes could be sent.  I should have just written Pokemon, Pokemon and more Pokemon!  Unfortunately on his actual birthday when he was going to lunch and the Children's Museum with a friend he started running a high temp.  Poor kiddo has a double ear infection.  That's usually his brothers territory!

Earlier in the month Princess Bear (PB) had a repeat sleep study.  She hadn't had one in a few years and they were trying to determine whether or not she needed to try a cPap machine again.  These tests never are easy for her since she is very allergic to adhesive and there is a lot used in this test.  They did let me give her some Benadryl before the test so at least she wasn't up itching and scratching all night.  That said the next few days were very rough in that every place they had attached the leads she had a rash and blistering.  It was a few days of Benadryl and a seriously unhappy kid.  Today we met with her pediatrician to discuss the test results and  a few other things.  The good news is that she no longer has apnea so a repeat test and cPap is not needed.  She was so excited to hear that news it was very cute to watch her.  The Dr. then measured her scoliosis.  More good news!!!  Yes it is an increase of 4* but since she is hopefully done growing and its relatively minor she won't need any treatment for it.  Yea!!!!  There was some discussion about another genetic connective tissue diagnosis but I'm still trying to wrap my head around that and get some answers before I share any more.

As for me I'm just trying to recover from the cleaning and cooking of Thanksgiving and get ready for Christmas.  I've got 48 of my Christmas cards done, about half done.  Part of today was spent up in the attic hauling down decorations.  While I hate climbing ladders (and I really, really do!) it sure is nice to see the house and outside decked out!

Oh and for fun stuff I got a new toy!  My old cell phone never, ever worked very well.  Yesterday I got a Galaxy s6.  So far I'm having a grand time playing on it.  So that's the short version of what has been happening around here lately.  I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are having a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas!

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Leigh said...

I had to laugh when I read about the ham. Dan suggested roast pig instead of turkey for our Thanksgiving and I put my foot down! All the news about PB is great! Really makes the holidays worth celebrating.