Friday, December 11, 2015

The good, the bad and the sick.

Let's start with the good.  Remember awhile ago I was discussing Luke Bryan coming to Peoria?  Now Peoria is actually where Luke Bryan came to practice before starting this most recent tour and perhaps he decided it really did play in Peoria.  We get tons of concerts here but if you wanted to see a concert like this you were most likely hauling butt to Chicago or St. Louis.  Now I love Chicago and the Lou isn't bad either.
There were just serious down sides to taking Princess Bear (PB) to her very first concert in either location.  I'd also been stressing the cost of the tickets.  My sister who is a big fan of giving experiences rather than gifts decided she was going to gift them to PB and myself as our Christmas and birthday gifts.  Today was the day that tickets went on sale.  There was online presale yesterday but the tickets I could have grabbed weren't the best and Ticketmaster assured me better seats were going to be released this morning.  I was all set to stand in line and get me my Luke Bryan tickets.  Btw....why is it that if mom's are standing in line for something it's either darn cold or darn hot?  It reminded me of when PB wanted, no needed, a Zhum zhum for Christmas several years ago.  My butt sat outside Toys R Us in the freezing cold and she got her zhum zhum. I digress.  The game plan was for me to head downtown and wait in line as soon as I took PB to school.  PB wasn't feeling great last night and about midnight I had oh my gosh body aches.  I just figured I was going to dose myself with Dayquil and stuff some hand warmers in my pockets.  Yeah under the category of the best laid plans and all that I woke up this morning to a very sick PB.  She didn't have a bad temp but she did have a horrible headache and bad body aches.  I gave her some Advil and sent her back to bed.  The child actually slept until 9:30am!  That never happens.  Well I was obviously not schlepping a sick kid downtown to stand in line for tickets so then it was a question of was it better to go online or try
the phone.  Or just try both which is what I did.  $454 later this little beauty was on my screen:

 photo Luke20Bryan20tickets_zpsbgyca0wd.jpg

Woot woot! PB is over the top excited to be going to her first concert and I must admit I'm pretty stoked too.  This also blows U2 out of the water as my most expensive concert.  All things considered it worked out better that PB was sick because I wouldn't have had that much cash on me.  So we
wound up with great seats and I'm sure it's going to be a great event!

The bad.   I had a Dr's appointment last week.  My PA thought that perhaps my Hashimoto's isn't the only thing making it so I'm in pretty constant pain and chronically fatigued so she sent me to the Rheumatologist.  All the test results are not back yet, still waiting on Celiac and Wegener's granulomatosis, but I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility.  As dumb as it sounds I almost broke down in the Doctors office.  I certainly didn't want another diagnosis to be sure.  On the other hand knowledge is power and there are things I can do to start alleviating my symptoms.  It would be so nice to not feel so dang sick and tired all the freaking time!  I've started the medication they recommend starting with and it has helped some of the widespread pain.  That in and of itself is awesome.  

The really bad.  My youngest nephew, Luke, has a growth on his leg.   My sister had been treating it with essential oils for awhile.  It got to the point that he was getting upset every time she would try to apply
oils and she kept on saying if he wouldn't let her apply the oils shewas going to have to take him to Dr. Tom (the pediatrician for PB and my nephews) so Dr. Tom could cut it off.  There are times I really could shoot my sister.  This is one of them.  For a few reasons.  While I completely believe that essential oils can be very useful when there are no results or it causes pain it's time to try a different route.  I got a text message from my sister today that Dr. Tom thinks the growth is suspicious and wants it removed immediately.  There is a chance that it could be melanoma.  WHAT???????????????????????????????????????  They are trying to get him an appointment with a surgeon for Monday but still haven't heard anything.  To say that there is a serious amount of praying going on would not even be an understatement.  If prayer is something you believe in I'd surely appreciate it if you could say a few for Luke.  

Now I don't want to wrap up my post on a downer note so the last note worthy event this week was PBs school Winter Concert.  She's in chorus as an elective this year and loves it.  I mean like LOOOOOOVES it.  She was inviting everyone to come see her perform.  She and Julie the floral manager at our local HyVee have an awesome relationship.  We shop predominately at HyVee just so PB can visit with Julie.  Remember when Julie sent PB flowers and balloons for her birthday?  Julie as also promised that as soon as PB is 16 she has a job with her in the floral department.  So Julie and her daughter Amy had to be invited as well as my sister.  PB is also very close to one of the leaders in her youth group and she invited Jessie.  Jessie's mom, Sue also came.  She used to be PBs art therapist.   All in all PB had an 8 person entourage at her concert.  Below is a link to one of the songs they performed.  PB is wearing the red t shirt and black skirt in the first row. 


Leigh said...

$454 for a couple of concert tickets?!!!! No wonder you were stressed about it. That's ridiculous! But I suppose as long as folks are willing to pay it that's what they'll charge! I guess the diagnoses were a mixed blessing. Not what you wanted to hear, but like you said, knowledge is power. Being able to take at least some control is so much better than wondering what in the world is going on.

Sarah said...

Yep. Tickets were advertised at $39 & $79. I was prepared to pay for 3 tickets if that would have gotten us better/closer seats. I figured I'd just have my cousin Laura down for the weekend since she loves Luke Bryan too. So I had enough for the $79+ fees. I'm looking at the price this way. It's PBs first concert and the tickets are a gift. Go big or go home, right?

You're absolutely right about being able to have some control. It's always better to be in the drivers seat! It also was very startling how many symptoms could be attributed to one thing. It was getting to the point that I was feeling like I'd lost my mind and would never feel ok again.