Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I think I'm finished with my Christmas shopping.  I still have to buy some cards so that Princess Bear (PB) can put the gift cards she selected for her grandparents and aunt/uncle in them.  Other than that I'm done.  I went to Michaels tonight and grabbed a ton of the activity kits that were on sale.  Actually, I did so well that some of them are going to be stored away until PBs birthday.  I also got some clearanced Christmas crafts that PB and her cousins can work on when sitting at the dinner table just gets too boring for them.  I had wondered over to the Freedom Farms website thinking I could do some damage over there.  For the 2nd time in roughly a month I went to that website with the intention of dropping some money and walking away having spent nothing.  Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch.  Actually some of the shirts that I looked at last time are still sold out (never replenished?) and then I went to check out the 2016 calendar.  They've been doing a great job on social media trying to say if they sell enough calendars it might help them get back on TV.  PB would be ecstatic.  So there I go to take a look at the calendar.  It's $20.  A bit pricey for any calendar.  Ok... it's autographed.  Still a bit pricey.  Let's top it off with the fact that there are no sample calendar pages.  Nothing.  For all you know you could be getting pictures of Freedom Farms piglets and John Deere.  Now I'm guessing that some of the pictures are the guys but I'm sure as hell not going to drop $20 without knowing.  Whoever is in charge of both marketing and ordering needs to be fired. 

So here I am waiting for PB to fall asleep enough that I can start wrapping her gifts. She's still sick and not sleeping very well so I'm wondering if this is a lost cause for tonight.   In a rare bout of efficiency I have my nephews gifts already wrapped and ready to go.  That's usually what my parents and I are rushing around to do 45 minutes before they get here on Christmas Eve.  Not sure if I'll get back here before, in case I don't, Merry Christmas to you & yours!  May you have a beautiful Christmas with those you love.

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