Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of the year....already???

First off- my youngest nephew does not have melanoma which was without a doubt the best Christmas gift I've ever received!  There are some questions about why his body is reacting to things the way that it is but bottom line is he's ok! 

Christmas here was rather low key with the usual dash of family drama.  The Monday before Christmas Princess Bear (PB) was diagnosed with walking pneumonia.  Not exactly fun but not the worst that she's encountered.  She's still on antibiotics and breathing treatments every 4 hours but doing a lot better.  What it did do is put a serious monkey wrench in her plans for Christmas vacation.  She had been planning a trip to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa.  That didn't happen.  She also missed the white elephant gift exchange with her youth group.  It also means that I don't have to be the mean mom and say there is no way in hell she is attending the lock in on New Years Eve with her youth group.  An unintentional benefit to this illness.  I'm not even a fan of sleep overs let alone lock ins.  I think that even when the kids are good kids (and as far as I can tell from the youth group kids I've met they are good kids) it just is an invitation for trouble.  Christmas Eve was at our house for about 18 people.  Not too many but enough to be completely tired when it was over.  My mom got sick in the middle of the evening.  Since she wasn't feeling well she wasn't on her best behavior.  Things got interesting.  My uncle at one point was being his usual asshole self and my mom called him on the carpet.  Something she never does.  It was kind of interesting.  PB got most of the big ticket items she had been asking for.  Her 2 favorite gifts are StarLily and the entire series of the Brady Bunch on DVD.  She completely adores the unicorn and I will say it is pretty interactive.  She also received several board games and an easy bake oven.  Consequently we've been playing a lot of board games.  I figure it's better bonding time and it's technology free time.  I'll try to post some Christmas pics in a couple of days.

We had a pretty bad winter storm go through the area on Tuesday.  HERE is a photo gallery of some of the damage here in town.  There are still a lot of people including our neighbors out of power.  2.5 days of no power in winter kind of sucks.  As I am sitting here typing this our power went out.  Not sure why since there is no bad weather.  So I'm going to wrap this up for now and sit on hold with Ameren since it's an estimated 23 minute wait to report a power outage. 

I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!

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