Saturday, January 9, 2016

Haven't done this lately

It's been awhile since I've done one of those what's happening in current events posts.  Since it's late and this is a pretty easy post lets do this tonight.  Here are 2 things that have popped up on various feeds on the innerweb lately. 

1) Bristol Palin baby daddy drama.
Now Bristol Palin had never actually named her ex fiancee Dakota Meyer as the father of her little girl.  It didn't take a lot to figure out that chances were he was the man in question.  Now it seems as though he's filing for joint custody and per some reports child support.  You can read about it HERE.  I will say that when I heard that Bristol was naming her little girl Sailor it seemed as though things were anything but ok with her former Marine ex fiancee.  Bottom line is that Marines and Sailors really aren't that fond of each other (I'm just basing this on working on a Navy base for 5 years).  I'm pretty sure there aren't any Marines that would want their daughter to be named Sailor.  On the other hand, the snarky single mom  who thinks sperm donors get off easy, loved the jab that Bristol took.  It should be interesting to see how this one will pan out.  Bristol lives in Alaska with her kids.  I'm not see a very even split of custody or him being awarded child support but I could be totally wrong. 

2) Ted Cruz's reaction to an illegal alien worried about deportation. 
Let me say that we're still a long way off from the election and I'm no where near ready to throw my hat into the ring for anyone yet.  I'm just sharing this because it's a refreshingly honest answer and something we don't see from politicians very often.  You can read the article and watch the video HERE

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