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Man!  Somebody sure told winter that it'd been on the  weak side and it decided to rectify the situation!  Now I'll be the first to say that overall this winter at least here in the Midwest has been pretty darn mild.  A bit of snow but nothing that stayed around.  The worse thing we've had this winter was the horrible freezing rain and high wind storm that blew through here almost 2 weeks ago.  As I type this the snow has stopped (it was a predicted 3-5 inches but I'm pretty sure that we fell short of that) and the wind and bitter cold have kicked it.  It's currently 16 degrees with a windchill of 2 degrees.  That's cold folks!  Yep, I'm whining and I know it.  This winter really had spoiled us!

On Thursday I took Princess Bear (PB) in for the blood work that the allergist wanted done.  We're still trying to find a rhyme or reason to PBs frequent hives outbreaks and the allergic reactions she had last week.  For the most part PB is a trooper about blood work.  After she had an 8 day hospital stay a few years ago she was leery for a bit but she's never been one of those kids that totally freaks out at needles.  Good thing too since she seems to want to get a couple of tattoos when she's grown up!  Anyway, since we were getting them down at the hospitals outpatient lab she asked my mom to be there.  For this second time this week waiting for some freaking blood work to get done too WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long!  It got to the point that my mom took PB on a walk to check out the gift shop.  They came back and went on another walk to get some snacks.  Finally they call us back to the lab and ask PB for her name and birthday.  She's getting settled in the chair and looks over to see 7 vials.  She suddenly had a deer in the headlights look and I truly thought she was going to book outta there.  Thankfully the phlebotomist was a great stick and it went well.  Right until the very end when I asked them to use coband to secure the gauze to her arm.  I was told that coband is too expensive and paper tape works just as well.  That may be but my child has an allergy to adhesive that is getting worse.  She's also like me in that she tends to bleed a lot.  Since her arm was still bleeding we had no choice but to use paper tape.  She took it off within 15 minutes and still had a significant rash.  My mom had me take some pics and email it to her work account.  I'm pretty sure that no one in patient relations was having a good Friday by the time my mom was done with them.

Now this is a bit like last nights current event post but I'm going to go into a bit more depth.  Let's talk a bit about the latest of Obama's Executive Orders.   First of all lets take a look at the 2nd Amendment:

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Let's not even go into the legalities of it although why impeachment charges haven't been dropped since Republicans now hold majority of the House of Representatives is beyond me.  I digress.  Back to the newest executive orders.  What exactly is the most polarizing President ever trying to succeed in doing?  How is it that he things these executive orders would have stopped ANY of the mass shooting tragedies of the last decade or make our streets a safer place?  Let's take the 3 mass shooting tragedies that to the top of my head:
-South Carolina
-San Bernardino
-Sandy Hook
I'm just dealing with this but I think you'll find that what I'm breaking down here is the case in all the recent mass shootings.

-South Carolina.  Dylann Roof if he had gone to a gun shop would not have been able to purchase a weapon due to Federal laws already in place.  Rather he received a gun from his father.
-San Bernardino.  The terrorists used guns obtained legally
-Sandy Hook.  Adam Lanza used the guns his mother had legally obtained.

So anybody seeing where the latest and greatest of Obama having a pen and a phone is not really going to accomplish anything worthwhile?

There are also those who debate that those with mental illnesses should not be allowed to purchase firearms.  This is where you get into a very slippery slope.  I don't believe it is the issue of whether or not these individuals should be allowed to purchase firearms rather addressing the huge gaps in our countries mental health system.  Asking Dr's to report patients that meet certain "criteria" that would put them on a no purchase list is a) a HUGE violation of HIPAA and b) incredibly subjective.  See where the slippery slope is coming in?

As far as the whole aspect of keeping our streets safer by requiring all guns to be registered you'll never get all the thugs, low life gang bangers and general law breakers to register their guns.  It won't happen. 

So you can spout off about expanded background checks and a tie in system that would be peachy but it still isn't going to eliminate the problem.  So if you really want to go for things like an expanded background check then you need to do it legally.  Whoa- I'll probably piss off a person or 2 here but maybe just maybe if our borders were more secure than the illegal gun supply would dry up.  Whatta ya think?  

A few great moments from the Presidents town hall meeting can be seen HERE.  First off is Taya Kyle, Chris Kyle's widow.  I will say it completely made my stomach roll the way Obama couldn't even give Mrs. Kyle the courtesy of looking her in the eye while thanking her for her husbands duty to the Country. 

Then there is a Sheriff who is running for Congress and having a few tough questions for Obama.  As usual Obama shares his half truths but its still an interesting few minutes.  You can see it HERE.  By the way what is it with law enforcement from Arizona being so bad ass?  Love it!

The last thing I want to delve into about this whole executive action law order fiasco is the Hollywood elite that have lined up to thank Obama for once again by passing the Constitution.  I get that Hollywood by its very nature is pretty damn liberal.  I also get that if people stop watching or listening to the items these people put out its a very organic way to make the voice of a less liberal part of the country heard.  At the end of the letter is everyone who had signed it.  Feel free to boycott these people as you see fit.  Also as usual the Hollywood elite show how very lemming like they are and how very little knowledge they actually have.  Internet gun sales do have background checks in that they are delivered to a local gun dealer that then must do the appropriate background check before releasing the gun to the person who originated the online sale.  Freaking idiots.  

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you. Thank you for having the courage and leadership to take Executive Action on preventing more unnecessary gun violence in this country. We are deeply thankful for the actions you took this week. Countless lives will be saved as a result.

Like you, and like most Americans, we have had ENOUGH. We have had enough of seeing unthinkable tragedies happen and nothing being done. Two masked people walk into a center for the disabled and murder 14 co-workers celebrating the holidays. A group of churchgoers are slaughtered during a prayer service even as they welcome the young man full of hate to their group. And the horrific day when 20 first graders and six educators were massacred in their classroom. In each case, the guns used were far too easily available to people intent on doing harm.

This level of depravity should rattle anyone with a conscience. We have seen how it has visibly rattled you.

Roughly 33,000 people die from gun violence every year in this country. Every day, we lose 89 more. Since Sandy Hook, 160 schools have experienced shootings. The homicide rate in the United States is 20 times higher than 22 countries like us in wealth and population – combined. No one is challenging the right of law abiding citizens to responsibly own a firearm. But like you, we believe that guns should be kept away from criminals, terrorists, domestic abusers, the dangerously mentally ill, and children. Your Executive Action will do exactly that – extending Brady background checks to gun shows and online sales.

Thank you for protecting our rights. The right to be safe. The right not to be afraid when you go into a public place. The right not to have a generation of scared kids raised on lockdown drills on what to do if a shooter enters their school. The right of our government to do what the overwhelming majority of people want.

We love this country. And one key reason we love it is that it was built on the principle that its people could change it. Thank you for doing so. We hope Members of Congress who have failed to act on the gun violence epidemic will support the will of most Americans and will take similar action to correct what has been a shameful period in our nation’s history. We deserve better than this.

Thank you for beginning to end this national disgrace and show your fellow citizens and the rest of the world that the United States of America does indeed stand for the principles on which it was founded.


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