Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm back!

Man I wish there was a good reason why I haven't been posting but it's just been crazy.  Crazy busy, crazy family stuff, crazy sick.  Just crazy.  Within all the crazy there has been some awesome stuff like Princess Bears (PBs) IEP at school.

To begin with let's go with my sister.  Now I love my sister but she can also drive me bat shit crazy.  There are times that I'm thoroughly convinced that the only reason I deal with her is because I love my nephews so much.  There are other times we have a ball together.  Now my sister is one of those type A people that just can't relinquish control at all.  Lately there are a couple of things in play.  She has a growth on her thyroid that is growing pretty quickly.  They made the decision to remove the growth and see if they had to remove part of her thyroid.  That surgery was supposed to happen in January.  Then it got bumped back farther and farther.  Now why she is ok with this I have no clue.  Get that shit removed!  The reason this comes into play for me is that there are certain things that I've been kind of holding off on until I have more time.  People with autoimmune diseases don't heal as quickly from anything and surgery definitely takes longer to bounce back from.  So I started putting off stuff around the holidays thinking "OK....I'll get to this after Kate's surgery".  I figure it's going to be at least a month, possibly longer, of my parents and I pitching in and helping in any way we can.  So at this point the surgery has been scheduled for March 10.  Hoping it doesn't get bounced back again and hoping that it's smooth sailing.  My sister also hurt her wrist.  She's had awful carpal tunnel since her first pregnancy and thought it was that.  It got to the point that she couldn't turn her wrist enough to start the ignition in her car one day.  She had an MRI ordered but hadn't scheduled it.  Then she was in so much pain that she wanted it yesterday.  When she did call to schedule it was going to take a week or so.  Then she was wanting my mom's help to see if she could pull off a scheduling miracle.  The result was it had nada to do with her carpal tunnel and that small fact that she tore cartiledge in her wrist. Ooops!  Not good.  The week before that we'd just been discussing my hand surgeon because I'd finally decided that I was ready to go ahead with my carpal and cubital tunnel surgery this fall.  My sister informed me that my Dr. is battling cancer and it doesn't look good.  My sister knew she was going to be referred to an ortho and was trying to get referrals on who was known to be good.  Long story short she was referred to my Dr.  Who's trying to stay in the game by still working 2 hours a day.  In addition to her cartiledge being torn she also has a cyst in her wrist.  The Dr said at some point surgery is going to be necessary.  No don't get me wrong.  I totally respect my Dr for wanting to stay in the game but can someone tell me what a Dr with a brain tumor is doing operating on people?  Along with my sister is the fun stuff being my nephews.  We had an awesome day a few weeks ago where my parents, PB, myself, my sister, bil and nephews went out to lunch and then to the Caterpillar Visitor Center.  It's basically a museum about Caterpillar and has a ton of there different machines on display.  I have a to of pics though so that will be it's own post.

PB's IEP was a couple of weeks ago.  I was less than happy that PB was sitting in on her IEPs already but what was done was done.  This year the teacher sent me a list of goals that she had in mind BEFORE the IEP and asked my opinion!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!  This teacher rocks in so many ways!!!!  My mom laughed at me because I still needed to listen to Rammstein a few times before going in.  She doesn't get how I can listen if I don't understand what I'm listening to.  It's angry music.  It gets my pissed off on.  I have one play list like that named Pissed off/Get in the pit.  It's usually best to avoid me when that's on.  I'm already pissed or working my way into it.  Anyway PBs tutor also sat in on the IEP which was nice.  Always helpful to have people on your side.  My big concern was the fact that PB is in a regular division science class.  She's actually doing very well in it.  I just don't know what real knowledge is going to be retained from this.  So while she is doing well it's also frustrating.  My idea was since she's so into the Arts why can't she take both Art and Chorus as her elective courses.  It's still getting her in regular division classes so the peer interaction is there but it's stuff she likes.  Isn't life stressful enough and if there is no long term knowledge being gained what is the point?  Well, they're trying to convince me it's the fact that she's learning study skills.  So no pulling her out.  I'm not happy but we'll see.  I did get it written into her IEP that they have to have 1 class period a day dedicated to reading, vocabulary and comprehension.  So overall it was a win.

For the second time since December my mom, PB & I have been sick. This one has SUCKED!  Respiratory influenza and at the same time I had a raging sinus & ear infection.  The cool thing is with my Dad being retired he really helped pick up the slack.  Today was PBs first full day back since she got sick last Tuesday.  She'd done a half day Tuesday, stayed home all day Wednesday and a half day yesterday.  Since I was feeling like death warmed over and it didn't conflict with having to pick my mom up from work on the days she was there only a half day my Dad picked her up.  He'd bring her home and feed her lunch.  It was awesome to have the help! I have read 4.5 books in the last week!  Another plus!

Tonight was PBs monthly PuP social.  PuP stands for People with Unlimited Potential.  They have a monthly social event for special needs individuals.  Tonight was a Valentine's Dance.  Dinner is provided as well as door prizes.  PB was so stoked to "be going to a dance!". I'm not sure how things will work for her in high school so I do love that she gets to have these experiences.  My name was one of the ones drawn for a door prize so I let PB pick it out.  She's now the proud owner of a Star Wars calendar.  I still don't get how she and my nephews are completely obsessed with Star Wars when they have seen any of them.

Last but not least.  This is what is going to be going down a week from tonight.

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 PB is so excited that she's about ready to launch!!!!

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