Friday, February 26, 2016

This is the best we can do?

This one really will be a short one but I'm horribly frightened by the fact that the best 2 candidates this country can come up with are Clinton & Trump.  Now the fat lady hasn't sung yet so there is some room for variation, especially in the Republican party.  Unfortunately, most of the other Republican candidates aren't that much better. There are 2 that I can see backing.   Any of them are better than someone with blood on their hands but really?  This is the best we've got?  My friends daughter asked her the other day that once they moved to Canada after Trump won if she could have a snowmobile.  The child in question is 12 and has a better grasp of history, politics and the candidates than most adults do. Might have to see if we can get her to do some YouTube videos!  I can also say at this point I'm SO over the election already.  I'm hoping for a Republican shake up and if not just wake me in 2020 if there is anything worth trying to salvage of the Country.  Actually if Trump wins this year don't wake me until 2024 or 2028 when hopefully we get out of the Democratic control that will follow a Trump Presidency. 


lotta joy said...

It's going to come down to which candidate we are less afraid of. I already know what Hilary will do, so I already know to be very, very afraid she'll win.

I don't KNOW what Trump will do, so I already know to be very, very afraid he'll win.

At least Trump WILL have handlers who will do their best to get him informed and trained in proper protocol......if he'll allow someone else to tell him what to do.

Sarah said...

This campaign truly has no one that can possibly win that stands a chance of being what this country truly needs and its so scary. Will I take Trump over Killary? Absolutely. Trump is scary in that he has no filter and honestly thinks his shit doesn't stink. Still a way better proposition than Clinton. I'd like it if Cruz could overtake him and would love it if Kasich could but I don't see it happening. The biggest problem I see with Trump winning this is that people won't put up with his shit and blame the Democrats and in 4 years we're back to a liberal White House & Supreme Court. Frankly I want a little island some place!