Thursday, February 25, 2016

Stuff & such

So I said that Princess Bears (PBs) IEP went pretty well last month.   For the most part it really did.  I was worried that they would try to cut back on her minutes with the speech therapist but that wasn't even brought up.  I wasn't successful in getting her taken out of her science class but I'm considering fighting that again. I also mentioned that PB ways included in her IEP this year.  I wasn't completely happy with that but for the most part it was ok.  Until the very end of the meeting when they started wanting to make long term goals for PB to attend the local community college.  Now my daughter is convinced that she is going to go to college.  I could have killed someone.  These are the same people that within the hour had told me that it didn't really matter that my daughters math skills were around a second grade level since they were working on calculator skills with her.  WTF??????????   So in all future IEPs college plans will not be discussed until she's had a few years of high school and we can see where she's at academically. 

PB had her monthly orthodontist appointment today.  She's know rocking 3 different shades of green as her bands.  They also had her start wearing the stupid bands that go from your top teeth down to your back molars.  I hated those little fuckers.  Actually I was so stubborn that after one of those popped off in school I refused to wear them to school anymore.  I just doubled up at night.  Well, PB is in a fair amount of pain and her cheeks have puffed up quite a bit.  This  is when her being allergic to Advil/ NSAIDS really sucks.  She just came out of her room a few minutes ago begging to take them off.  I felt like such a bitch telling her no.  I did say that she could take them off in the morning and have a break until after school.  We were told that she should wear them as often as possible but absolutely at night.  I'm thinking that we might have to work up to daytime use.  The kid is such a trooper but this new glitch of NSAID allergies is really throwing a wrench in things.   She is looking forward to tomorrow.  Her class is going on a field trip to Steak n Shake.  She had planned on getting a regular meal but asked if she could have a large milk shake.  You only live once, right? 


lotta joy said...

Thank you Sarah for your comment at my blog, and I adore how beautiful yours is to look at. Due to your suggestion, a neighbor ran over a tiny bottle of clove oil. I haven't tried it yet. I'm working up my courage because I'm afraid it might cause the nerve pain to become burning pain. But do you think using your suggestion for your daughter might help?????

Leigh said...

I think she deserves a large milkshake! I've never had braces but I can see how painful they could be. Wonder if she'll even be able to sleep at night.

Sarah said...

Lotta Joy- Have you tried the clove oil yet? I really hope it helps you! I do use it when the braces rub a raw spot and it helps a lot. Unfortunately her pain is because they tightened the braces & added the rubber bands that go from top to bottom. The clove oil is great when there is tissue damage but not so much for muscle/bone pain. I did call her pediatrician to see if I could give her tumeric supplements. We'll see. So glad you like the blog design! I'm willing to hold off spring a few more weeks so I can keep on using it!

Leigh- She got her milkshake! She thoroughly enjoyed it! Braces aren't fun but I particularly hated when they added the bands back in. She's been waking up once a night. I was bad and gave her the night off from wearing them. Hopefully she'll get some decent rest tonight!