Thursday, May 26, 2011

General Musings

Ok- this is going to be a very random post & blurps on lots of little topics- sorry about that!

We've been having some nasty weather here in the midwest lately. Sunday night the horrible tornados ripped through Joplin MO leaving more than 100 dead and we spent part of the evening in the basement. Princess Bear (PB) has a huge tendency to freak out when its time to hit the basement when the tornado sirens go off. I'm the only one in the house that is scared of storms. She'll actually sit on the front porch swing with my parents and watch storms. Those tornado sirens go off though and the kid starts to freak. I've tried explaining to her that going to the basement is just a way to make sure we're safe & nothing calms her down. Ugh! Then yesterday we had a storm come rolling through here unlike anything I've seen since living in AL or NC. It was just sheets of rain that left NO visability. There actually wasn't a lot of lightning or thunder. Just a lot of wind and rain. My parents & PB were on the porch watching things. Next thing I know the power in the house cuts out. Now we have some dumb a$$ squirrels around here that can't figure out transformer boxes aren't their friends and there was a similar boom when a transformer blows. I started getting out candles and checking our flashlights. I called Ameren to let them know the power was out. Then I got my dinner that was 3/4 of the way through heating in the microwave when the power blew and ate. By then my parents & PB came in and PB started to freak. The last time we had any sort of power outage was in the dead of winter and it was damn cold! Luckily we have a fireplace and plenty of wood so it wasn't much of a problem. Unfortunately that is what PB immediately things of when the power goes out. So my mom & dad did some family reading time with her & read a few chapters of the TumTum & Nutmeg book they're currently reading. Then PB tried finding things to play with. Littlest Pet Shops? Little itty bitty pieces everywhere as we're quickly losing daylight? Um, nope don't think so. Ball? nope candles everywhere. So we colored and did magnet board pics for awhile but boredom settled in quickly. I also found out that reading my flashlight makes for odd shadows that can be headache producing if you aren't careful! So I'm going to be hitting some garage sales looking for some camping laterns. Since I want to do some backyard camping with PB that will be handy anyway. I also realize that PB is WAY reliant on electricty as I am. Fortunately give me a book and I can kill time anywhere. I've been reading Laura Ingals Wilder to PB and reminded her that this is how Laura & Mary lived with Ma & Pa every day- it didn't consol her!

Now since I'm a TV junkie here is a quick recap of my thoughts on last weeks season finales!
Castle- WTF????? Ok I LOVE me some Max Martini & really hate seeing him as a bad guy. Beyond that the Captain was the bad guy? So didn't see that coming! Castle telling Kate he loved her after she's been shot? Thats some timing for you! Ugh! Now the show can't go on if she is dead so its a given she isn't so what happens now???
NCIS- No huge surprises here until the very end of the show. Who is slipping secrets???? I don't like that Zeva has gotten back together with Ray but what can you do. I also don't like that they killed Franks off but it was well done. Kort needs to be b%#ch slapped- just my opinion
NCIS LA- ok I didn't catch season 1 of this but still like the show. I loved the part when G, Sam, and Kenzie were turning in theire shields and weapons. Deacs is the last one and says "I would if I could". I love when he flips those out there like that!
Criminal Minds- ok- how many times is Joe Montenga's (?) daughter going to guest star? Other than that I waited the whole freaking episode for JJ to show up. Seems as though they're bringing her back which is awesome! Now they just need to catch Doyle and get Prentiss out of hiding!
The Mentalist- Ok my new favorite TV line is from this just because for a week I've thought about it and laughed each time! Lisbon is trying on her bridesmaid dress and of course its what we all would hate to wear as bridesmaids- pink and strapless! Jane walks in and then is telling her how she looks great and says "You look like a princess- an angry little princess" LOVE IT!

The garden is of course going through another is it or isn't it happening stage. I tried giving my dad information on permanent beds. Even if we can't do raised beds permanent would be good- no go. My mom had all of us outside doing her bidding bright and early Sunday. PB also got something- G-d only knows what dumped all over her that led to a shower and a scrubbed until she looked like a lobster shower. Our neighbor loaned us his tiller so as soon as the ground is workable my dad is doing that. So I raked up the spent pine needles and left over tomato ick from last year. I did not know that Seed Savers has retail seeds so I was at Kelly Seeds yesterday having a grand time. I also bought some heirloom sweet pea seeds but can't find nicotainia seeds or plants anywhere :(

So that is my random thoughts & activities!

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