Wednesday, May 18, 2011

High School Reunion?

When I was in OT for my post op wrist & elbow recovery the COTA that I worked with was someone I graduated with. For the most part I have very little memory of those in my graduating class. I was part of a small group that hung out together and kept in touch for awhile after graduation. I wish there were some that I was still in contact with but not that many. Jill, the COTA, is all gung ho for our 20th reunion. First I have to get over the fact that its been 20 years since I walked out of that hell hole and then deal with the fact that I really don't want to go. Since the implosion of my friendship with Jessi I truly have no desire to go. I didn't make it to the previous reunions and don't quite get why people get so excited about reunions. For the most part I hated my high school experience. I was extremely alternative in a Catholic high school. My head was buzzed except for my bangs. Please think back to the late '80's and it won't seem as weird then- I promise! I was very into the Cure, Depeche Mode and had copies of Sid Vicious' obituary all over my locker.

Also, I started at a school called Bergan. In a town this size it still had 2 high schools when I started and there was a bitter rivalry. You went to the high school that your grandparents, parents & siblings went to. Since both my parents had been raised in Chicago there wasn't a big alliance to either school. My youngest aunt & uncle went to Bergan but it was entirely up to me. I decided to go to Bergan and entered there a total and complete prep. I'll have to see if I can find my freshman year and sophmore year pictures to share- what a complete identity shift! I was comfortable with the change and amazingly my parents although they didn't like it supported me. My sophmore year the two high schools combined but were still housed on 2 campuses. My junior year all those idiots from downtown invaded out building. It did bring some nice changes. The best was seeing my friend Jeremy on a daily basis. It also brought about a new girls dean. She was a royal bitch! My hair style was deemed against the new dress code and I had to grow it out. The dean actually measured my hair once a week to make sure I was growing it out. G-d I hated that place! I had my left ear pierced up top on the cartiledge. The school rules where that you could only wear 1 pair of earrings so I wore 1 in the cartiledge and one lower on my right side. Still only 1 pair of earrings. Pushing it a bit perhaps but still within the rules. My mom was there fighting my detentions on a regular basis! There were also a lot of those I deserved. My friend Monika and I had it timed just right so we could get down to our cars, smoke a quick cigarrette and get to study hall in time for detention. I thought I was so cool- If my daughter acts like this I will beat her ass!

I did walk out of there with some really good friends and memories that I'll always treasure. There are many friendships that haven't held up to the test of time and I really am sad about that. There are friendships that I don't regret losing. There are people I miss a lot & wish I could go back and change. There are friends that have passed away and its always with a heavy sense of sadness that I think about them. I just can't picture myself walking into my 20 year reunion and walk out smiling.

Did you go to your reunions?

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