Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Farm Kings Season 2 episodes 8, 9, 10 & 11

I thought about breaking this up and doing 2 posts but I really don't want to be lagging behind anymore.  SOOOOO here we go! 

Episode 8
This was centered on getting irrigation for the animals set up so Pete could quite hauling water all over and Lisa coming up with menu's for the Farm Market.  As Pete said the hauling the water did make his arms look great and he couldn't have been more spot on!   That said it had to really suck doing all that manual labor in addition to everything else he had to do.  Joe took charge and was very active in getting the water system set up.  For one second when they went to test it on top of that hill I didn't think it was going to work.  Thankfully it was all systems go! 

Lisa was tasked with coming up with a menu for the Home Market.  It makes perfect sense that they have her running a food operation there.  From all accounts Miss Lisa can cook and does it well.  The problem is that Lisa always wants to do what she wants to do end of story.  Having a design your own panini or smoothie is great for a place that is slow.  For the Kings sakes I hope that isn't the situation for the Home Market.  There really hasn't been anything on any of the following episodes showing the Farm Market cafe so not too sure what happy medium was  agreed upon. 

There was also Sam trying to plant with Paul & Johns help.  You had to feel bad for the guy.  It can't be easy going into a position of authority of your siblings.  Also was I the only one who wanted to bi$ch slap Betsy the marketing girl when she was suck a little biotch about Sam saying they didn't have time to answer her questions?  Rude girl!

The highlight was watching Sam get ready for prom and seeing the Joe, Bitty, Tim, Pete & Dan's prom pics.  

Episode 9
In this episode Dan is switched from the home market to the Farmers Markets to help make things a bit easier for Pete.  Of course the show left it as a cliff hanger and made it seem as though Dan was in some sort of trouble.  Not the case at all.  Actually it seems like Dan is going to do a smashing job at the Farm Markets.  On the way to the Farmers Market the truck breaks down.  Big bummer when you think about the loss of income.  They aren't at the market selling as long as he's stuck on the road and then there will be a repair cost on top of it.  Dan tried everything he could do get the truck running again to no avail.  I felt so bad for him when the police showed up on the scene.  Once they got to the market he did a great job selling. 

As always Lisa is up to her old tricks trying to sneak things by her sons any way she can.  It's comical but kind of sad at the same time.  While I completely understand that its easier to apologize than ask permission it has to get old.  The first thing is when she takes Lily outside the Home Market to plant some flowers in the raised beds there.  In this cases I COMPLETELY agree with Lisa on all fronts.  Flowers should be planted there not veggies.  It is a visually pleasing aspect that might gain some costumers.  She's absolutely right about that.  She isn't right in using Lily as a means to an end.  What is that going to teach Lily?  SO, in the future Tim should just let her go completely flower crazy and that should be the end of it.  There was also the whole thing about Lisa needing shelves for the home market.  Now the fact that Joe is evidently a bit tight with money as to be a problem.  Lisa waiting to ask permission to buy something until he isn't paying attention because he's on the phone isn't the most honest way of going about it.  It was a complete riot watching Lisa & Bitty going shopping.  I wouldn't want to be the person to have to keep Lisa on task on an excursion like that!  It was nice that after worrying the boys that they wound up finding a free set of shelves on the side of the road.  Gotta love successful junking!   

It was nice to see the family "relaxing" playing volleyball at the end of the show.  As always they are competitive but enjoy there family time together. 

Also for anyone keeping track on this episode Pete's girlfriend helped out at the beginning and Dan's girlfriend helped out at the Farmers Market.  So ladies they're dropping like flies!   

Episode 10
This show mostly was covering the home market opening and an event that was a collaboration between Miss Pennsylvania and Special Olympics.  I loved this episode for so many reasons.  As a mom to a special needs child who would love to participate in a pageant it was awesome to see this girls giving of themselves and spending time with the special needs girls.  I think there is a preconceived notion for girls that participate in pageants and this was a wonderful way to disprove that point. 

As always Lisa wants to do what she wants and things milking would be a great activity.  Joe just sees the insurance nightmare factor and really who can blame him?  So the cow shows up and Joe sends it on its way.  The younger boys had a great time being surrounding by a lot of pretty girls.  The event seemed to be successful and kudos to the King family for again embracing Special Olympics and the special needs population!

Episode 11
OK-  who was cringing whenever Dan sat on one of those dang bulls???!!!???   Also who was kind of surprised to hear about Joe trying it when he was younger?  He just doesn't seem like the rough and tough type.  Also why do they guys have to give Dan about a hard time about wanting to do what they'd tried when they were younger?   He should have probably waited until winter but part of youth is being impulsive, right?  I'm just glad that he didn't get hurt worse than he did. 

Again Lisa decides that she's going to do something without any go ahead.  On the surface you'd think that she really didn't need to get permission to take on a cookbook project but Joe shows without a doubt why it was necessary.  Also as anyone who has been watching the show knows Lisa doesn't follow recipes and she doesn't use measurements per se.  She does it by sight.  I about lost it when she suggested enclosing little baggies with what a "pinch" or a "handful" is to her with every cookbook  SERIOUSLY?????  Bitty had it right when she just tried measuring everything.  Again another job that I wouldn't want to keep Lisa on task with! 

SO- short but sweet recaps since I was so behind.  I'll try to do it better so when life (or my daughter) throw me a curve ball it will won't be such a mess to catch up. 


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Huge fan of show because I am a special needs mom and married a farmer, BUT, I hope they get back to basics soon. Don't like the reality show set ups like the bull riding and golfing! They don't need all of that!

BonnieN said...

I totally agree about the golfing and bull riding!I am wondering a few things, like the cleanliness in the food prep and why don't they wear hair nets,required where I live. Lisa's hair going all over the place!! I am thinking she may be difficult to get along with! Her way or no way! Did anyone cringe when they jumped into that muddy water hole Tim dug? Sad Dan had to put down that baby pig because of a deformity. I feel like Dan is the whipping boy here. He is so versatile, he would be successful at anything, They have not mentioned him becoming a partner even once this season. Also,I thought when the PR lady came to the strawberry field, it was to inject, they have a magazine, but no follow up online or anything! The antique shopping ,then magically finding that chest along the road, planted!!! Pete heading to away market was in such a condition, either lack of sleep or something else, he shoudn't have been on the road. How much can one body do day after day? Last night's episode when the had the dinner in the field, no set up,people are coming!!! Not good!!! The bous helping are not clean, just out of the field. I think I am missing the point here,if I were a CSA member,I would have expected more.
all in all, I love this show, they do jump around and don't finish story lines, and what did the previews mean about the old farm up for sale by their father? Does this affect them,or is it sentimental? Thank You Sarah for your thoughts,you do it so well!

Sarah said...


Thanks so much for checking out the blog! I'm so glad that you like! I can see what you mean about "the extras". I understand about Dan wanting to follow in his brothers footsteps and try bull riding but he should have waited for the off season. It would have also been a great way to add another episode! :) The golfing was so not on their radar! It was funny to watch but from what they showed on the show none of the King boys are going to be taking up golfing anytime soon so I don't see any deals being made on the back 9. It was a riot but it definitely doesn't "fit". I also wonder about the idea of getting an investor. I didn't know that family run operations look for investors. What a way to lose control of your empire if they aren't careful. I would like to see more of the day to day running the farm. How does Tim pick what variety and what methods of pest control do they use and so on. Hopefully in Season 3!

Sarah said...

OK- so glad I'm not the only one who has wondered about the hair net issue! Sometimes I think I'm being anal with stuff like that so you're making me feel better! Thank you! Yeah she would be a tough cookie to get along with. I admire her but I also think her people skills could use some brushing up. I'm so tired of her sneaky aspect. It still pisses me off the way she guilted Dan into leaving Polyface Farms/Joel Salatin. It was sad when Dan had to put the pig down. I understand that's part of farm life but it cant be easy. Dan is most definitely the whipping boy & I hate it. You're absolutely right... he is versatile and it seems like he's getting the short end of the stick on a regular basis. Not sure if the chest was planted but what luck if not! I want to go junking around there! :) All those boys are running themselves ragged. I hope no one gets seriously hurt because exhaustion does bad things to the body and impairs decision making abilities a lot! You're also right about the Farm to Field dinner. I know it was postponed but it didn't seem very well organized. Also did I hear that the CSA membership was $1000? If so WOW! I know that around here the CSAs are around $400 for 22 weeks of produce. I know that the Kings are trying to be innovative and include the Cafe & Bakery too but what a chunk of change.

I'm so glad you like the blog & I really appreciate your comments and feedback!

BonnieN said...

Hi Sarah,Far as I can see, Dan going to Polyface was a waste of time,the partners have not asked his advice at all.just Pete with the chickens.Dan is so passionate,he should go back to work for them where he is appreciated.No mention of Dan being a partner at all,wonder why?Why are they so hard on him if he cannot sell it all? Goodness knows he is trying!! Perhaps this program is edited in such a way to add drama,but not a true reflection of what is going on.Dan and Sam have so much going for them,I feel like Dan especially, maybe out of guilt, stayed at the farm. Would like to hear more about the father selling the old farm,how does that impact them, business or sentimental? They just leave us hanging!! I was so looking forward to the harvest time,to see if their animals helped,and Sam's strawberries,the whole picture. Tim is the real backbone of the family,calm,assured,so much responsibility. Why do they have to reinvent the wheel every opening season of the Farm Market, the set up, the flowers by the road,on and on it goes,same as last year.I so enjoy the show,being we are at the season ending already, so much wasted time, that golf thing especially.And who was the gentleman driving the square baler when they were having a problem? They did not acknowledge him at all. Surely they are being paid to do this show,that money must be helping, they seem to be on their last dime every week. But I never miss it!!!

BonnieN said...

I found this article about CSA's in my area in MI, very interesting

Sarah said...

I figure whatever knowledge that Dan gains, whether or not his brothers are wise enough to tap into, would only benefit Dan. So Polyface would have been a good thing for him. Eventually you'd hope the older boys would listen to his experience! I think they're going to delve into the father selling his farm in tonight's episode. It is sold and it went for almost 1 million. There was also an auction for the farm equipment. I'm just not understanding how they can have no relationship with him and then be upset when he sells the farm. I think there is some guilt that Dan is buying into. Editing is a huge part of things to be sure. Remember the teaser the week before they sent Dan to the Farmers Market? My daughter was so upset because she was sure Dan was going to be fired. I'm not sure why there seems to be drama whenever something should be old hat like reopening the home market. You're right about the man helping bale getting no acknowledgement. Some things they don't deal with at all. Joe's girlfriend, Tim's fiancee, is Lisa still dating the guy they bought Boldy's from? Other things they throw out there and never show any closure. Ugh! Hopefully some issues will be tied up with a bow in tonights finale. Hopefully Season 3 will be more about the daily farm life!
Thanks for the CSA info!