Monday, August 26, 2013

Where did August go????

Ack!  Where did this month go???!!!???  Yes I am perfectly aware that I'm a few (ok 4) Farm King recaps behind.  I'll try to do those in the next day or so.  It's just amazing to me how fast this summer flew by and now the school year is in full swing.  Princess Bear (PB) started 5th grade this year.  That meant moving to a new school since she's now in middle school.  It's so hard to believe.  I still remember the cute little girl with the curly mop of hair that I took to school when she was 3.  Now this child of mine is as tall as I am and looks entirely too old for my taste. 

When I took PB to observe at Lindbergh last spring she wouldn't even look Mrs. Morgan, her teacher, in the eye let alone talk to her.  Today Mrs. Morgan asked me how I felt PB's transition had gone and let me know that she thought PB has done a wonderful job.  The only thing PB isn't doing is wearing her glasses.  She is doing well with switching classes and seems to be settling in well.  She goes to a mainstream classroom for Science and Social Studies daily.  The homework and tests are modified to be at an appropriate level for her and things seem to be going very well. 

In all honesty the roughest part of this transition is that school starts an hour earlier than it used to.  Also instead of it being a few blocks away its a 10 minute car ride.  My child is a night owl as I am and she is not liking getting up at 6:15am.  I hope that she gets better at this as the year progresses because as of right now its a bear to wake her up in the morning! 

All in all I've got to say that I've got high hopes for this year! 


BonnieN said...

Oh Sarah,I totally get your pain! that early morning thing is hard to overcome! Our kids are so foggy,they don't want a good breakfast and then the day doesn't go as well as it could, no snacks at school, no food allowed in the lockers. Just be consistent, you ar not alone.Daylight savings time ends Nov 3,that may help getting our hour back!

Anonymous said...

Hi There, Trying to find out if the King's are former Amish? Their family dynamic is typical of the Amish- surname, farming, and a lot of kids. Just wondering since learning about the Amish is a hobby of mine. Thanks, Michelle

Sarah said...

Bonnie I CANNOT wait for daylights savings to fall back!!!! I was noticing tonight that it's getting darker earlier & I need to reset the lights on timers. My favorite season is fall so I'm soooo ready!!! This morning thing is awful. PB can eat at school but they serve junk (in my opinion) and she is so groggy in the morning she's not ready to eat. They do get a snack so I've been sending lots of those for the class. The teacher pays for it out of her pocket so I try to help as much as I can. I figure about the time we're used to getting up this earlier it will be time for vacation! :)

Sarah said...


Hi there! Thanks for checking out the blog. I'm not sure why I think this but I think the Kings are Catholic. Something about Joe & Bitty starting at a Catholic school. Not a sure bet they are Catholic of course but an indicator. There hasn't been any real discussion of religion on the show. As far as the large family Tim talked about farmers having large families so they have help with all the jobs needed to get done.

What an interesting hobby! If I find out anything different I'll post it as another comment on here. Thanks again for checking out the blog!

BonnieN said...

Anonymous,do you watch that program on TLC called Breaking Amish? This is the second season, not a good way to show them at all,they bring them to the big city , nothing positive to help them assimilate, just let them loose in bars,fill up on booze,act crazy,argue all the time...some points they do mention , Amish rules,are bothersome to me.
Interesting you think they have an Amish background. I did not get that vibe.

Sarah, hang in there with that early morning waking! You have a lot of company!! I think part of the stress of school is just getting up that early!!!! Looking forward to the season finale,I know they are doing that calendar,but I want to see how the farm is coming along and the crops. And if they have had a successful season?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah and Bonnie - I got the Amish vibe based on the fact that the surname King(their father's family perhaps is former Amish) popular in that area of PA where the King's live and also saw Amish in the background of the show when Pete and Luke took produce to the wholesale market. Found out that Luke attends a Catholic University-Gannon. Most Amish shows on TV unless PBS are fake and hyped up. I live near an Amish village in FL called Pinecraft where one of those Amish shows was filmed. I enjoy studying all kinds of cultures and people. Get most of my info from books and legit sources. ~ Michelle