Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ok ok Tim's getting married

Ok!Yes I've seen this!!! Really I'm not the only one blogging about Tim am I?   Since this as been live and online for over a month I don't feel as though I'm delving into private business.  So here is the wedding announcement for Tim. So again I say let's raise a glass and wish Tim & Maggie the very best.

A Nov. 2 wedding is being planned by Maggie Steinheiser of Renfrew and Timothy King of Valencia.
The bride-to-be is the daughter of Terry and Kathy Steinheiser of Renfrew. Parents of the prospective bridegroom are Lisa King and Joseph King, both of Valencia.
The bride-elect is a 2007 graduate of Butler High School and attended Butler County Community College.
She is employed by Butler Memorial Hospital.
Her fiancé graduated from Mars High School in 2004.
He is self-employed as a farmer.
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BonnieN said...

Sarah, I would love to be at that wedding! He is my favortie on the show, senseable,calm,works so hard. What a catch! TV ads are saying next week is the season finale, I was shocked, they are just getting the crops in! Hoped to see how the whole season went. There is so much unsaid!I did see they have baby food now,and a magazine,when will we see that? And what is going on at the bakery? I hoped to see how Sam's strawberry crop does,and the animals!

Sarah said...

Bonnie, I totally agree with you! I would love to be at that wedding! A fly on the wall! Seeing as Tim hasn't even had her on the show or talked about her I don't see that one happening. :( I'm curious as to what kind of wedding it will be. From what has been shared with me I know it will be country/ rustic but will still love to see some pics! Tim is most definitely quite the catch & Maggie is a lucky girl! I'm bummed about it being the finale as well. I wish they shot more episodes. You're right the harvest is just coming in & I'm hoping Sam did well! I did see about the baby food, candles and magazine. I think you can subscribe to the magazine from their webstore. I'm wondering if they are going to sell the bakery. I want to know what happens as far as them buying their fathers farm too! SO much left unanswered!

BonnieN said...

Sarah,do you think the wedding will be on the farm,like how Lisa caters weddings? I am so totally bummed they are giving us not a whole season, just leaving things hanging. Been no mention of selling the bakery ,or did I miss that somehow,they have not showed the bakery either,I see the reuns a lot! Supposed to give them income during the winter too. No mention of New Ken really either after showing that new chef, no story about that either,then Bitty skips work to work for her mom, like in real life,no one would do that without telling anyone, I feel like these episodes have been copy and psted together! Is Bitty not happy about the new chef? He seems overqualified for their operation and no chef would leave them hanging like that with that Dinner on the Farm like that,food to me, didn't look very appetizing, and the boys setting up the table looking like they just came from the fields, not washed and clean, if I had spent $1,000, I would have been disapointed. Yes,that is high for a CSA. They may get more takers if the price were more realistic...therefore making more money in the longrun. After the great first season,I think I am somewhat disapointed this seson for all the jumping around stories and that crazy golf and bull riding thing, would rather see the workings on the farm. Wondering too about shelter for the cows during the bad storms and heat, and yes they got water up there,but where do the animals drink from? I also watch the Pioneer Woman cooking show on Food Network, she lives on a ranch,what s difference!!! So organized, animals seem to be so well cared for..must just be me. I want them to be successful,are they growing too fast for their man power? I often think too, being born just to work on the farm,somewhat bothersome to me. You are doing a great job Sarah!!

Sarah said...


Hi! I don't see Lisa catering this. Maybe doing the flowers for it. Nothing has been mentioned on the show about selling the bakery. Maybe something I read somewhere else. You're right in that there are a lot of questions left unanswered. They could easily have 4-6 more episodes before wrapping. The wedding could be one although since Maggie hasn't even made an appearance or been mentioned I don't see her letting that happen. There is also the Fall Festival. I'd also love to see a King Holiday show. I think Joe definitely has pushed growth too far. I don't think they would ever let anything happen to any of the animals. They were so proud when the cows arrived. Also Dan was pretty upset about the pig with the physical issues that he had to put down. I have not watched Ree Drummonds show. I love her blog and every recipe I've made of hers has rocked though!

Annette said...

Here's something I just found:

It's the dj's blog, where he describes Tim and Maggie's special day. Sounds wonderful. Looking forward to the season premiere on GAC, Dec. 19th. Love this blog!!