Monday, November 10, 2014

Musings, just musings

I do feel a political post coming up.  How can you blame with especially after the elections last week and the AG appointment getting interesting.  That said it's not happening tonight.  I'm just too tired to really get everything out that I want to rant I mean talk about.  It's been a VERY long week.  My sister, brother in law and nephews left for California last Saturday.    The big focus of the trip was it was the first Disney trip for the boys.  They'd originally been planning on Disney World but decided that 1) at 4 and 6 that was a whopper of a vacation for the boys and 2) there is the Cars attractions in California but not Florida.  My nephews are Cars obsessed so California won out. They'd had a dog sitter for Bailey lined up several months ahead of time but that fell through.  We're not big into boarding our animals so my parents offered to stay at their house and take care of Bailey.  That meant that it was my job to go over there during the day to let her out of her kennel so she could stretch, play and generally not go crazy.  The plan was that I would drop  Princess Bear (PB) off at school and take our dog Saint (we didn't pick the name she came with it) to Morton to hang with me and Bailey.  We were getting the roof redone and the noise was scaring the crud out of Saint.  She's an old girl and just wants to sleep and be let out every once in awhile.  Having stuff dropped overhead and banging for hours on end didn't sit well with her.  SO, the only hitch in this plan was that Bailey and Saint had never met.  Last Sunday PB and I were hanging with Bailey because my folks had something to do that was lasting several hours and Bailey is still a pup and has to go out fairly regularly.  On their way back to Morton my folks picked up Saint so we could introduce the dogs and I could take Saint home with me.  Well the introduction did not go well.  Bailey was great.  She gets along with other dogs very well but is still a bouncy puppy.  Saint went after her a couple of times so there was no way these two were going to be hanging out together.  That put a wrench in things.  So all last week I would take PB to school.  Come home and do whatever I needed to do for a few hours and then head to my sisters to hang with Bailey for an hour or so.  Then go back home for awhile and onward to pick up PB.  After that it was back to Morton for awhile. That 20 minute drive isn't bad until your doing it 2 or 3 times a day.  I feel like I just spent a week driving from house to house and letting out dogs.  I'm so done with driving for the moment!

Then PB and I spent the weekend doing a TON of picking up.  It seems like when the regular schedule goes out the window that the mess is amplified.  I can now say that the house looks very spiffy.  Well except for my room.  Next is gutting that so I can then get on with getting ready for vacation.  I spent time today ordering kid safety tattoos and a pendant for PB with her name on one side and my cell number engraved on the other.  I know I probably worry too much but I'm not likely to change. 

Now I do believe my bed is calling me!  Night John boy!

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