Friday, November 21, 2014

Dude...I'm over being sick!

Anyone who has been reading my blog for awhile knows that I'm a pretty big believer in green living and homeopathic remedies.  I will always try to opt for that first.  One of my standbys is elderberry.  If you aren't familiar with it take a moment and check it out HERE.  It's some pretty amazing stuff that can be used for bacterial and viral issues and generally shores up the immune system.  I have Princess Bear (PB) take 2 Zarbees Mighty Bee Gummy Immune support everyday.  You can find out about them HERE.  I usually wind up popping 2 when I'm giving them to her.  Unfortunately sometimes you're up against something that a preventative immune builder just can't wipe out.   :(

I started feeling pretty run down a few days ago.  I thought it was the onset of yet another sinus infection.  By yesterday morning I could not hear out of my left ear at all (I ruptured my left ear drum in '97 and it's been a bit cranky ever since.)  Then last night the deep hacking cough started.  I do love that I can go online and make an appointment with my Dr. even if it's after hours.  Pretty dang convenient!  So there I was at 9:30 this morning discussing politics with my Dr.  (He loves playing Devils Advocate but I even had him stumped at one point!).  The verdict?  Ear infection, sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, possible strep and something viral that there is no point testing for since they can't do much for it.  So bring on the prednisone, antibiotics, decongestants and cold and flu elderberry formula.  Oh and don't forget the probiotics so the antibiotics won't totally jack up your gut flora.  If you have one think about plugging in an essential oils diffuser and getting some Thieves oil or Purification going in that bad boy!

My cat thinks life is grand since I've been one with the couch while hacking up a lung.  This means that the human is always around to lie on.  I have been trying to use the time somewhat constructively and added 47 new designs to my Cafe Press store!  Then there was the not so constructive but fun catching up with TV shows I've had no time for!

Whatever this ick is has also invaded my sisters house.  My youngest nephew has been down and out for most of the week.  We were keeping our fingers crossed that the oldest wouldn't come down with it since he had a friend birthday party scheduled for tomorrow.  Well, the text came rolling in at  7:30pm that Tyler was indeed sick and the party would be rescheduled after the holidays.  What a pisser for a little dude!

The other down side is that since I'm pretty contagious there is every chance that my daughter or folks will come down with this.  We're hoping that everyone who is going to get it gets it quickly so it will not mess with our Florida trip.  It has however put a major crimp in our Thanksgiving plans.  We used to go to Chicago every year to celebrate with my dads family.  When my nephews were born it became too hard for my sister to go up and back in one day so we stopped going up there.  My dad decided that he wanted to spend some time with family especially since some of his Aunts are getting up there in age and are becoming a bit fragile.  My mom decided today that Chicago is off that they weren't going to leave me alone for Thanksgiving.  I did tell her that if they were all healthy that I would really be ok with them going up for the day.  Right now the discussion has been tabled.

Bottom line is sick sucks in so many ways!

P.S.  If you are interested in making your own elderberry recipe you can take a peek at these  HERE HERE and HERE.   All the recipes are pretty similar.  Most differing in a few spices and quantities.  I'm going to be making a big batch in the next few weeks to share with my sister and her sister in law.  I'll probably make the last recipe.  I love clove.  I love the smell and taste of clove and it makes the biggest batch so it seems like a good pick for me.   Fortunately all of our kids love the stuff and homemade is always best, right? :)

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Terry and Linda said...

We've been sick with this stuff also. It's a trip to recover from. Hope you get well soon!