Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What happened to Autumn?!!?

Seriously?  What in the bloody hell happened to autumn?  It was here for like 0.2 seconds and we're throttling towards winter at the speed of light!  I absolutely love autumn.  It is by far my favorite season.  I love the smells and tastes associated with autumn.  It makes me crave for a bonfire and a good bottle of something to drink while enjoying time with friends.  Seriously is there anything better than just chilling and having a few drinks with friends around a roaring bonfire while leaves crackle under foot?  I don't think so! 

One of the things I've noticed as I get older is that the cold bugs me more.  When I was younger I was never bothered by the cold.  Never wore socks or a coat unless it was in the negative temperatures and then it took some convincing.  I hate to wear a coat.  I hate driving in a coat.  It feels so constricting to me.  I also have a tendency to leave them places.  So I got into the habit of not wearing coats unless it was very cold.  As I was mentioning on another persons blog a few days ago, in the days of yore I went to a Chicago Bears game in December.  Now Soldier Field is ON Lake Michigan.  It can catch a breeze coming off the lake and be chilly in August let alone December.  That said I was not wearing a coat to drive all the way downtown and then for a game.  No way no how.  I wasn't even miserable at the end of it (other than they lost).  I went home and made a cup of tea and life was just dandy.  So are you getting the idea that I don't like coats?  Well this past weekend the temps dipped into the lower 40's and I was wearing a coat.  What the heck?  I just can't stand the cold like I used to!  I'm sitting hear now wearing socks (another thing I hate), jeans, a long sleeved shirt and a zip up fleece jacket.  I'm drinking tea like there is no tomorrow and am contemplating firing up a space heater.  Again I ask, what the bloody hell is happening to me????

The only upside to the colder weather setting in is that it renews my love affair with tea.  I'm a hot tea junkie.  If you counted how many varieties of tea I have in the cupboard right now it would be around 18.  My standby is Lady Grey.  My favorite is almond tea which is a bitch to find most of the time.  I love spice teas of any kind.  Although I tried a new Orange and Cinnamon spice tea yesterday and was not at all impressed.  I love green tea, white tea and herbal teas.  I truly believe in someways teas can cure much of what ails you.  Upset stomach?  Peppermint tea.  Nervous or not sleeping?  Chamomile or Valerian tea.  There is also a tea mix that one of my friends used to make that uses Lipton iced tea mix as the base.  Then you add some Tang, Pineapple jello and red hot candies...YUM! 

I never really thought that going on vacation at the beginning of December to Florida would be that much of a difference and that I would be craving warm temps by that point in time.  Seeing as we're rocking temps in the upper 20's and lower 30's this week I'm thinking that December in a month will be most welcomed!  I'm also starting to by a lot of the necessary stuff for the vacation so it's becoming a little more exciting.  I'm getting a new camera which I'm thrilled about.  I didn't know if I'd pull it off and be able to save enough money but it's looking good.  I'm getting a Nikon D3200 and am SO excited.  I love taking pictures.  Digital as taken some of the fun out of it.  I miss having to make sure you have the right settings to get the best picture possible.  I took a few photography classes in high school and loved it.  Especially developing the pictures.  There is something so magical about seeing the image come to fruition while in the chemicals.  It's fun playing with different lenses and filters.  My cousin checked with his brother in law who is a professional photographer and he assures me that I'll love the new one I'm getting.   I just want it to get here so I can play! 

So that's the story 'round these parts!  Hope all is well with you and yours and you're keeping warm!


lotta joy said...

WELCOME TO FLORIDA. My husband used to drag me to Orlando every year for vacation and I'd whimper with every turn of the wheel. Leaving Indiana felt like I was being kidnapped by a terrorist. Just so you'll understand: Orlando is NOT "Florida". It's a tourist trap representation of what people "expect" Florida to be like.

We finally moved to a remote area on the western coast that is more acceptable to my country past.

And this is where I keep my country crafting alive.

Sarah said...

Lotta Joy- My mom was mostly raised in Chicago but spent a few years in FL. One year for vacation we spent a month traipsing about FL. We went to Orlando (I'm a bit of a Disney fanatic), Tampa, St. Augustine, and Pensacola. I think my favorite place after Disney was St. Augustine. It had such an old feel to it.

How did you decide to move from Indiana to Florida? I've not spent much time in Indiana (my sister went to college in South Bend but that's the extent of my IN experience) but I'm sure it's similar to Illinois.

Michaele said...

I can relate to your feelings about winter. I don't adjust to it very quickly. I feel like I freeze up also. Lot's of hot tea for me. It's all I drink. Do you ever grow your own herbs for tea?

Sarah said...

In the past I have grown my own chamomile, mint and lemon balm for tea. Since I broke my hand the beginning of May this year there was no real gardening for me. :( I'm already planning next years garden though! :)