Friday, March 13, 2015

Checked out for awhile

Honestly I was going to just veg out and watch this weeks episode of CSI Cyber.  I'm on the fence as to whether or not I'll follow the show.  I also know I haven't been doing a great job responding to comments or even posting.  I just needed a break.  I slowed down all my social media usage and computer time in general.  Sometimes when my depression decides it's time to rear it's ugly head I get to a point where I just need to check out for a while. 

I really wasn't planning on returning to blogging just yet although there are soooooooo many posts I have tumbling around my head.  A few political, a few fun, a few snarky but let's save all that for another day.  I have some news!  For those who have followed the blog for awhile I'm sure you're very aware that Princess Bears (PB) teacher for the last year and a half has left something to be desired.  Actually I was getting ready to pitch another fit because the teacher was showing movies on a regular basis again as well as not following PBs IEP.  No need now!  PB came home with a note yesterday saying that the teacher was retiring early and her last day was today! 

Now a HUGE HUGE HUGE part of me is ecstatic.  Doing the happy dance kind of happy.  Then there is the side of me that wants to know why this is playing out now and is a bit worried about how smooth the transition will be.   They have a substitute that has worked with the kids that is scheduled to be there all next week.  After that there is a temporary substitute that will be there until a replacement is hired.  This seems like a whole lot of upheaval and I know that my child doesn't deal with that very well.  I'm hoping that things are ok. 

I'm going to go back to doing the happy dance!


Leigh said...

That's excellent news about PB's teacher! Sad, but some folks just don't need to stick with jobs if they don't like them.

I think blogging and computers can indeed take away too much of our time. That's why I'm getting slower at returning blog visits, HA! I just don't have time for social media much, but I keep up the blog and that's about it.

Terry and Linda said...

Enjoy your shows! :)

Linda ★★

Susy said...

You know my thoughts on why this happened. I think the she'll be fine with the change. Hopefully they will actually teach something. Let's go with it's a good thing until we know that it isn't. Happy dancing with you!

Sarah said...


Computers are such a necessary evil but I have to be careful to not get completely sucked in. I find if I take a break that I'm usually in a much better frame of mind when I return.

I'm overall thrilled that the teacher is gone. Part of me is so very curious as to what happened now. The woman went off and was screaming at me once so part of me thinks she might have flipped out on the wrong person. My daughter came home today and I was asking her if the substitute teachers more than the old teacher did. Her answer was "Oh yes she does! She's still fun but we do a lot more learning". Thank goodness! It makes me crazy when I think of how much my daughter has "lost" because of a lazy teacher for the past year and a half!

Sarah said...

Thanks Linda! I did. Every night I usually pick one show I haven't seen and just watch it on the laptop as I'm falling asleep.

Sarah said...

Thanks Susy! Overall I'm completely thrilled. When I picked her up today she was all smiles. I guess one of the little boys in class had a minor breakdown but other than that things went smoothly. The aide in the room adores Kier and it's returned. I love knowing that there is always someone there that cares about my kid watching her back! There is just a part of me that wants to know why it's playing out like this now. It's so weird because anytime I've taken in evidence that things are being handled correctly I would get the "We're aware of the situation and trying to fix it". Hell a few months ago they were willing to put Kier in a different classroom since it was clear I was so unhappy with the teachers performance. I wasn't ok with that. Now she's done something so significant that she can't finish out the last 2 months until she retires? You know it was something big. Just hoping that the rest of the year goes well.