Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Where you come from

Today I did a mini marathon of a couple episodes of 10 things you didn't know on H2.  I like the show for a few reasons.  The first is that it's a good show that shares some really interesting information.  The second is that Henry Rollins is the host.  If you don't know who Henry Rollins is I wouldn't be surprised.  You can take a quick detour HERE if you want to read about him.  Short version lead in Black Flag and Rollins Band.  Anyway I LOVE me some Rollins.  Physically he's a 10 for me.  I also love some of this train of thought and quotes you often hear.  I'm going to share several below.  Today after I did the mini marathon I posted on Facebook how much I liked 10 things and really loved Rollins.  This lead to some really interesting conversations.  First a bit of back story though.

My intro to Rollins would have been during high school.  For me that was '87-'91.  I was sent to one of the 2 Catholic high schools in my town.  This really didn't work for me.  I really, desperately wanted to go to public high school.  I'd been doing the Catholic school thing since kindergarten.  My parents wouldn't even entertain the possibility of public schools.  So there I was at this school I hated!  Punk, Post punk and alternative music was something that I loved.  I will say that being introduced to these new styles of music was one of the redeeming factors of high school.  It's kind of funny to look at my high school pictures.  I started out the average preppy kid that Catholic schools churn out so well.  My freshman year pic is me with short hair, normal makeup and ears pierced twice with gold hoops and pearls.  I was wearing a peach cardi with a white tee and a denim mini. Wearing the makeup my mom bought me at the Estee Lauder counter as an 8th grade graduation gift.   Fast forward one year.  My mom refused to let me wear all black so I was wearing a fuchsia pink shirt, black shirt over and black skirt and leggings.  Hair was buzzed except for my bangs.  Several more earrings had been added and were crosses, snakes, ankhs or something in that range.  Make up was pale face, black liner and dark lips.  People used to give my parents such shit for allowing me to buzz my hair.  My parents figured it was just hair, it grew back and I wasn't hurting anyone.  Props to Mom and Dad on that one.  Junior year was pretty much the same.  The year before my school at consolidated with the other Catholic High school but kept 2 buildings. Junior year they invaded our building and we got a new girls dean.  My haircut was deemed inappropriate and I was forced to grow it out.  The idiot dean would measure my hair once a week.  Seriously?  Yeah I go home and shave a bit off every weekend.  So my senior pics are a bit more normal.   I made it through graduation and had an appointment to shave my head 2 hours later.  I showed up for the after graduation part and the dean tried to make a stink about it.  G-d did I hate that school and that dean!

So why am I sharing this?  As a point of reference of sorts.  An explanation as to why I find someone like Rollins to be hot.  Now things have changed a lot and I've changed a lot.  I'm no longer liberal and have very little patience for those who are.  At this point I will always support less government but still love tattoos and Dr. Martens.  It actually makes Mason crazy that I still want more tattoos.  I have so much uncovered skin left to work with though!  :)  I love putting on Dr. Martens which I still wear with great regularity. It takes me back to that girl with a buzzed head that didn't give a damn about what anyone thought about her  (they're also great footwear to have on during a fight.  Just sayin').

Rollins is a big time liberal about many things now.  Kinda breaks my heart.  There are somethings he says and lives by though that I totally can relate to.

Welcome to the world of Rollins!

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Michaele said...

Wow! Some powerful stuff there! Thanks for the introduction. I would love to find you on Facebook if I knew your name. I will see if I can find it on your blog. If not, find me at Michaele Oleson.

Leigh said...

No TV so I'm clueless about television programming and television personalities! The quotes from Henry Rollins, however, make a lot of sense.