Thursday, November 24, 2016

Adventures outside the house

Today was the first time I've gone anywhere since my surgery.  I'm still on driving restrictions for a minimum of 5 more days so anything that wasn't necessary has just gone by the wayside.  Today Princess Bear (PB) had a follow up Dr's appointment for the chronic UTI she had as well as the fact that she needed a release to return to PE after trying to take herself out during a game of Grog at youth group a few weeks ago.  She'd already had 1 follow up for the UTI but her Dr is very cautious especially since so many kidney problems run in the family and she had no real signs of  a UTI but was a sick kid.  My parents drove us to PBs Dr appointment and dropped us off.  They set out to get some holiday shopping done.  The good news is that PB is cleared to return to PE which she is thrilled about.  Since it's also December the Dr checked her scoliosis.  That remains the same which is good.  Now we just have to wait and see what happens with her urine culture.  The 2 of the last 3 quick dips were fine but then when they cultured it she had a massive amount of staph. Keeping my fingers crossed for more good news. 

My parents picked us up and we headed home.  PB has made her Christmas list and the biggies this year are an Addison Russell jersey/shirt, a Frozen themed bedroom makeover, a Holiday Barbie, a new Elsa, an archery set, some Real Tree or Mossy Oak gear (in neon pink of course) and a Hatchimal.  I should have just bought the damn Hatchimal when she saw it at Target a month or so ago.  Nooooo.  Let's wait until it's closer to the holidays I said.  Bad plan.  Apparently those little f$(kers are this years Cabbage Patch Dolls.  2 were delivered to Target today and there was a line of 20 people waiting.  They cost about $60.  The guy at Target told my mom we could try ebay or Amazon for the low, low price of $300.  Yeah- PB is not getting a Hatchimal for Christmas.  My mom was able to snag the usually priced $40 Holiday for $27 bucks and a new Elsa doll on big sale.  I've already ordered an Addison Russell shirt (at $30 compared to the $112 jersey.  wtf...why are jersey's so damn expensive?).  I have other stuff already put aside for PB so I'm hoping that the Christmas shopping is done.  Just the little jaunt to the Drs office wiped me the heck out.  I came home and took a nap. 

My dad then took us to Walgreens this evening since PB wanted to make "candy" and he still needed to buy an anniversary card for my mom.  PB was burnt by a pan on the stove a few weeks ago and has been very gun shy in the kitchen ever since.  She did want to do something to contribute to Thanksgiving at my sisters so I told her that she could make "candy".  I figure it was a way to ease her back into the kitchen.  We did the thing where you lay a rolo on top of a square pretzel and put it in the oven until the rolo is soft.  Usually people add a pecan.  My nephew as a major nut allergy so we went with M&Ms instead.  Of course since it is the day before Thanksgiving Walgreens only had Christmas M&Ms not the fall colored.  They turned out well and she didn't burn herself so I think we're back in business.  Over vacation I think I'll teach her how to make bark as well as do the candies in molds like we did growing up. 

We're doing Thanksgiving at my sister's tomorrow.  I did try to tell my mom that I really wasn't sure if I felt up to going to which I was told I was going and I was going to sit there with a smile on my face.  Yes you've got to love the holidays!  And family!  That said I'm looking forward to the online black Friday sales.  I'm sure I don't need another 20 nail polishes but Zoya is having a 70% off sale and they are my favorite mainstream nail polish brand.  I think some money is also going to be dropped at Alex & Ani as well as the Disney Parks store.  I hope whatever you do tomorrow you have a great time! 

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