Sunday, November 27, 2016

And we all sang Kumbaya

OK so we didn't really sing kumbaya but Thanksgiving was actually OK.  There were no jabs, physical or verbal, thrown at any point!  For my family that is a totally successful holiday!  My sister had been warned that I was going to be there but not to plan on me helping in any way, shape or form.  Thankfully, she's been really good about calling and checking on me and was actually a bit surprised that I felt up to being out for that long.  First hurdle crossed.  My sister and my parents got along.  The last time I was at my sisters house she brought my mom to tears.  I wasn't really sure what to expect this time.  My sister doesn't do stress or company well.  She did very well this year for which I am INCREDIBLY grateful.  My sister also didn't (really) go on the attack with my brother in law or my nephews.  Another complete win.    

Since I was on couch chilling duty I did get some serious downtime with my nephews which was great.  Those boys are my heart right along with Princess Bear (PB).   My oldest nephew looked at me while Aretha Franklin was performing the longest version of the National Anthem known to mankind and said "Aunt I right?  Is this just awful?" Yeah kid but you've gotta let the diva do what she wants when she wants.  Her voice was great but it was at the speed of a funeral dirge!!!  My youngest nephew wanted to let me know that he told his class that his Aunt is the best because Kris Bryant is her favorite player. I'm glad the little things make you happy kiddo!  :)  I brought a Disney Christmas CD over for the boys to share.  My cousin Jen and I have a thing about Christmas music.  She who has the most wins!  The new ones I've acquired (so far) this year are Bret Eldredge, Kacey Musgraves, Darius Rucker and a Disney one I didn't have.  I'm loving, loving, loving the Bret Eldredge disc.  It's not at all country but more a jazz, smooth listening CD.  Absolutely great!  I have figured out that I just need to burn a copy of a CD as soon as I get it and give it to PB.  Then mine stays safe and scratch free!  After I gave her the newest Christmas CD she asked where my Michael Bubble CD was and asked for a copy.  You mean Michael Buble?  (another really great disc!).  So now I need to dig out all my Christmas CDs and start making copies for her.    Between the meal and dessert at my sisters the kids including my sisters nephew were listening to a Disney Christmas CD on my phone.  Her nephew is 3 and just a doll.  He thought it was so funny that Mickey & Donald were doing Christmas music.  I love watching the holidays come alive for kids!!!  

In other news I was trying to be nice and make labels for the Christmas cards my Dad usually sends out.  Thought it would save him some time.  I did the first set on  I have no bloody idea what the heck is going on but it doesn't matter what kind of adjustments I make the dang things won't print correctly.  Please show me where to bang my head into the wall!  So I said screw it and decided to make an Excel document so I could do a mail merge.  Admittedly I haven't done a mail merge this way in a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG time.  So I went to the trusty interwebs and googled it.  It's still cutting out some of the names on the list.  So I'll try it again tomorrow.  I will figure this out dang it!  

So that is life around here.  I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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