Thursday, November 10, 2016


Yes it's been awhile.  Yes there is all kinds of things to talk about. I could get political (What in the hell is wrong with people?!!?) but I'll wait a day or two.  I could talk sports.  GO CUBS!!! That really will be it's own post.  Or I can do a general fill ya in which is what I'm going to do.  Things have been crazy around here.  Some good.  Some bad.  Some just life. 

The quick stuff:
-Dogs name is Addi.  Actually Addison but we never call her that.  My Dad & I wanted to name her Wrigley but my mom & Princess Bear shot that down.  The next best Cubs related name for a Cubs obsessed family is Addison since Wrigley Field is located at Clark & ADDISON! 
-PB is doing fairly well in school this year.  Her teacher absolutely sucks & I've already had to hold an IEP meeting.  We're also running into problems with high school placement & homeschooling is looking like more of an option.

Now the why of why I haven't been around.  Remember that anemia thing I talked about back in August?  Well, anemia has made itself the bane of my existence.  It's led to many, many, many Dr's visits, tests and ER visits as well as a total of 4 hospitalizations for blood transfusions.  Since being MIA I also had a D&C procedure done, was told that I most likely had uterine cancer.  That was an awful few days until the pathology came back benign.  Then was told that I needed a robotic hysterectomy because of the placement of my uterus and the scar tissue adhesion's from my C section.  That's a problem when there's really only 1 Dr in town to do said procedure and he's book a few months in advance.   It's now safe to safe that I've lost and replaced all the blood volume in my body.  My hysterectomy is scheduled for this coming Tuesday and while nervous I'm so, so, so very ready for this to be done and over.  I am somewhat nervous because it's been discovered that my protein C count is very high.  When you have a low protein C count you have a tendency to make blood clots.  I'm the opposite.  My blood doesn't want to clot.  It made getting ready for surgery a complete pain.  My usual pain pills & muscle relaxers for my fibromyalgia were a no no as well as Advil.  Also no vitamins since certain vitamins cause extra bleeding.  This time of year I tend to really push the vitamins so something just feels off. 

More than anything this whole thing has just been a pain in the butt trying to deal with every day life.  Am I too dizzy to drive?  My poor dad had to take PB to a Dr's appointment this past Monday because I was basically non functioning.  He didn't take my sister or myself to the Dr. so this was a really new one for him.  As it turned out I wound up in the ER and then admitted for another transfusion on Monday.  On the best of days I'm just very tired and worn out and wind up sleeping a lot.  On the worst of days I am that plus very dizzy, short of breath and damn close to a panic attack.  As I said I'm ready for this to be done.  I want off the roller coaster. 

So that's the why of why I haven't been around.  I'm hoping that after next week life resumes pretty quickly.  Hoping that you're doing well!

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