Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Biting the bullet!

OK...so I've only had this thing set up since January & haven't done a darn thing with it. An old friend got in touch & I had big fun reading her blog and decided that I should give this a whirl. Especially in light of the day that I had yesterday. Man...I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! Honestly, my life just lends itself to the disbelieving shake of the head.

Yesterday as a whole was rather uneventful until I picked Kiernan up from school. Kiernan came home and had her usual laundry list of things she wanted to do (swing, visit Mary, watch Caillou, etc). Whoa! Hold those horses a minute! Mommy needs to switch out the laundry. I get the old stuff out of the dryer and go to put in the washing machine load to dry. Yep, wait a minute, Houston we have a problem! I smell gas. Me...the one with no sense of smell can smell gas. This obviously cannot be a good thing. So I do what I always do in a situation like this...call dad! Hell, its his house we're just living here. He won't be home for awhile; call Cilco. Did you know that a company rep can manage to scare the bejesus out of you in approximately 15 seconds? Give them your address and then they give you the safety instructions for exiting the house. Huh? Don't hang up the phone, don't lock or unlock any doors, don't turn on or off any lights. OK, in theory this is all great. Unfortunately I live with Captain Destructo who is obviously Houdini reincarnated. What this means is that everything that can be locked is...usually multiple times! Makes for getting out of a house when your not supposed to unlock anything interesting. So we're hanging out at the neighbors (Kiernan did get her visit to Mary in) and we're waiting for the Cilco person to arrive. She gets there and goes to investigate. At this point I'm sure I overreacted and smelled nothing. Then again.... Yep we have a gas leak! She turns off the gas to the dryer and then tries turning it off in another spot and the handle breaks. It just goes with the nothing is ever simple theory right?!!? At this point I've been in the basement with said gas long enough to have a monster headache. We get the gas turned off where it needs to be and Cilco lady goes on her merry way. Kiernan & I are now kicking back waiting for my parents to arrive. I'm thinking if I got a call that there was a possible gas leak in my house I'd head home after I got out of work. My parents... nope! Hell no! :) This is prime time to get some shopping done... a new umbrella for the patio is way more necessary! OK they arrive and my dad calls to have someone come tomorrow to fix the stuff (don't ask me I know jack about fixing much of anything).

I then go about my day and most things are pretty low key. Kiernan gets her swinging time in so life is happy (for the moment...you know those 4 year old mood swings!). I get dinner ready for her and then its bath time. This means that mommy is almost home free for some down time!!! Once again hold on kiddos! Kiernan is breaking out in hives again. Benedryl is a daily part of our ritual at this point! Kiernan decided she wanted a bath not a shower. OK easy enough. I run the bath and here we go. Somehow I was supposed to read my daughters mind and realize even though she said a bath she really wanted a shower. This resulting in some trying to reason "I already ran the bath; you can have a shower tomorrow" This works oh so well. I've decided that there really is no reasoning with anyone unless they are at least old enough to vote! End result is me picking up Kiernan & dumping her in the tub! From there on out until Kiernan falling asleep things are low key. I did resort to bribery and offer my child a dollar to sleep in her own bed, not my bed and not her floor. Nope she wants to sleep in mommy's room.

Ok I get her down and its my time. Pick up a bit around the house, eat dinner. Chat with Maria for a while. Its almost amazing to have an adult conversation sometimes! I then settle in to start my review for Medical Terminology. I finish filling out my review and start to type it...ugh! To pass time I start watching A&E Intervention. I'm a firm believer that every high schooler in the world should watch several episodes of this show. The episode I caught was about a woman who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in HS. She was 26 as of the shows taping and dealing with chronic pain issues. WOW! I never wanted to reach through a TV and shoot someones family before. Her family was just evil...especially her twin sister. OK...back to studying. 2 am and my bed is calling. I head to my room where Kier obviously was feeling warm. This leads to a very naked kid in my bed. I can deal with sans pj's but no night diaper is a problem. Yep...pee all over my bed! Color me not happy. I figure I'm stuck sleeping in my recliner. I start reading and do this until 5am. At that point the need to actually lay down is too strong to avoid...the chair is just not going to cut it. Decision time...sleep in a mattress that is pee damp at this point or keep on Kiernan's floor. The floor won out. At 6:30 this morning Kier comes busting out of my room, sees me and does a "What are you doing! That's my floor!" Hello! Like I really wanted to sleep on the floor? Gotta love the logic there. Anyhoo, that's been about the past 18 hours or so...wonder what today will bring...maybe some sleep?!!?

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