Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What to be When I grow up & other random ramblings!

Ok...its been a few days since I've blogged. Nothing too new & exciting up here. The usual lack of sleep and motivation. I've really got to get cracking on my room before my parents do decide to kick us out. I'm so glad the semester is wrapping up. Maybe then I can get the house in order and my life will follow suit. Who knows. I went to lunch with Ted yesterday so he could give me his opinion on the whole therapeutic massage/ holistic healing aspect of things around here. He was not very optimistic. I of course appreciate the honesty but at this point I'd just like to make a decision about which direction my life is heading and go that way. It seems as though everytime I decide where I'd like to go with my life something happens and I begin to doubt everything. The reality is I need to figure out things soon. I love my parents and Kiernan adores them but Kiernan & I really do need our own place. That isn't exactly a thought I relish. Kiernan is a very tough very demanding kid and just having 2 other adults around helps out. Then again we need to get into a groove where its just the 2 of us and a few pets. I did rock my ch 13 test in Medical Terminology. 66 of 67. I'll find out the ch 14 results this week. My final is next Monday night. I'm pretty worried but that is a motivator right? I need to get the words written out tonight and then added to quizlet (if anyone is actually reading this and has a child in school or is in school themselves check out quizlet...the most awesome site!) Well, that said I'm going to go hop in the shower, read and clean a bit before I have to get Kiernan from school.

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Susan said...

woo hoo for that grade! Stop second guessing yourself. You are a smart woman and you can make anything you do work!