Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another day another dollar

Ok...just to give you the warning now- I'm exhausted. You know that kind of tired where you literally could fall asleep at a stop light or in mid-sentence? Yep that would be me!!! So anything said here really can't be held against me! I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning studying for my medical terminology final. I went through the review for class, typed up the words I needed to define, filled in the definitions and then typed up a new set of flashcards on quizlet. (Again, spread the word that website is amazing for vocab review in any subject! Just simply amazing. I don't believe a teenager set it up!) Ok I digress. I studied my little butt off. Finally decided around 2:30am or so to pack it in. Got ready for bed, did a few cross word puzzles and turned off the light. Well, Princess Bear is having a horrid time with her allergies and is totally stuffed up and miserable. I gave her benedryl last night before bed and she seemed ok. Well by 3:15 this morning it was totally worn off and the stuffiness, sneezing and sniffles were back in full force. Poor kiddo! So more Benedryl and a bit of Dora (nothing like Dora at oh sh*t early! lol). I did some crossword puzzles and stimulated my brain. Princess Bear (PB) finally fell back to sleep so I finally could crash. Well, PB woke up at 7am. Can I tell you under the best of circumstances I'm not a morning person. My standard line in my pre-mommy days was "It better be tall, blond and really good (& bearing caffiene) to get me up early!"

I did get PB off to school (on time!) and came home to start cleaning. I want to get PB's room all done so I can really gut mine. DId some dishes, general straightening up and then my sister called. She and Tyler were doing some shopping and felt like company. An offer I definitely couldn't resist! We went to a few stores including JoAnne's Fabrics were I got everything I needed (ok almost everything) to make a Mothers Day gift for my mom. Then we hit our local healthfood store. I needed some herbs and essential oils so I can make a few batches of shampoo. The more I read about SLS and parabens the more glad I am that I'm learning how to make soap, shampoo, lotions etc. It is absolutely horrifying when you really start to realize what we're putting in/on our bodies. I convinced my sister to try a shampoo so I was rearing to go. Unfortunately the store didn't have all of the herbs I needed and some of the essential oils were obscenely expensive. I got what I was able to find and it was time to call it a day. Tyler was nearing the melting point. It is just amazing how damn cute that kid is! He's so darn bright too! You can just see the wheels working when he's thinking. It blows me away that he's only 5 months old. He is so observant and loves taking part in his environment. It was also really nice for me to get out and push his stroller. I still haven't heard about starting PT and my ankle has been pretty bad.

I've also given some more thought on my career path. I'm now entertaining the idea of being a Clinical Laboratory Technician. I really did love the lab for my microbiology class. In my next life I want to be a forensic scientist or a forensic psychologist. Since that isn't happening this time around this clinical lab tech thing might satisfy that lab geek in me (who would have thunk it, huh?!!? lol). This is most definitely not set in stone and G-d only knows I could change my mind 12 times before I go to bed tonight.

That has been things around here. I am looking for some great affiliate programs and widgets so if you know of any please let me know!


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