Saturday, July 9, 2011

eee gads!

Ok- so its been a long time- again! I do admit that most of my summertime time goes to Princess Bear (PB). As we speak we are having a near historic moment in our little family. This is the 2nd (count 'em folks!), 2nd night since she was born that I have spent away from PB. We had some serious bug go through the house in the past week. My mom was the first down and then PB went down on Monday. Poor baby felt so bad about throwing up in the sink. She knows mommy is a sympathetic puker but the sink I can deal with! My dad was hit on Tuesday night and I was midday Wednesday. I actually called my mom at work & told her if I ever found out who shared this with her to bring it home would die a slow painful death- and I was pretty damn serious at the time. It also make me very happy that I had taken PB to my sisters for a family dinner and fireworks on Sunday since Monday was an obvious no go. It was neat driving back into town and across the bridge- we saw 5 different sets of community fireworks. So I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday just knocked out. For some reason this hit me the worse out of the four of us. I wound up with the highest temp and general icks. I was not happy. So this morning I decided that my still naseous butt that has a tendancy to get car sick WAS NOT going to sit in the car for 3 hours to get to Chicago for my cousins wedding. I'm bummed because there are family members I'd really like to see but not if I was going to be wishing for death. So around noon today my parents and PB left for Chicago. Know what I didn't know? How absolutely sweet my daughters voice is on the phone! She called around 6pm tonight to give me the rundown and again at 11pm. So far it seems like everyone is still alive and coping relatively well. My dad's stomach bug is biting him again but my momm hasn't threatened PB within an inch of her life so I'm happy.

Once again our pool plans have been foiled by a malicous bitch. I found out without a doubt who called us into the city last time. There was no reason for it other than she was a mean hearted bitch. Well PB was having too much pleasure playing in her new pool. Although we'd been cleared for a permit the laws changed and the old witches daughter (who is trying to sell the witches house) decided to call the city again. The city guy felt so bad. He actually implied that we should take it down so he could take a pic showing the dismantled pool and then put it back up. Yeah- does he know how much the water bill was after filling a 5000 gallon pool was???? So now the grass is slowing dying due to a vinegar bath at this womans house. Yes I know its childish and not going to solve anything but in an odd way it made me feel a bit better. They didn't have to hold my child after going for her last swim while she was crying asking what she could do for the rest of the summer. I don't believe that this woman who doesn't even live in this town called this "violation" in. Once again let me tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get into our backyard, ergo the pool. Our neighbors to one side felt so bad. The husband is in the family construction business and promptly gave my dad the name & number of an electrician so we could get the required electric source and he's looking for some economical source of 4' fencing for the entire yard.

So that has been the last week in my life. I'm about tired- why I don't know! I've spent tonight catching up on In Plain Sight and Burn Notice. I guess my body is telling me to take it easy. So take it easy I will. More about PB's horseback riding therapy and tutoring soon!

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