Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh how I miss Fall!

Okay- I am fully aware that I should be enjoying this time that my daughter has off of school and my garden is blooming. I just find it difficult when the heat just zaps the life out of you. It has been awful here for several days and its going to be several more before it lets up enough to be noticeable. Princess Bear (PB) can't control her body temperature and overheats in normal weather let alone what is going on now. Of course if we had our big pool we'd be loving life. PB does have a 6' round inflatable pool. She loves it. I went in it with her the other day and have since had a problem with this bite like things so I'm leery of putting her back in there. She was supposed to have her first horseback riding show with CIRT (the place she goes for horseback riding therapy) tomorrow. There is no way that can happen. She is doing vacation bible school this week and next week. The one this week is completely new to her. Its at the church her tutor is part of. So far she likes it a lot. Its a lot of bang for my buck too. The 5 days cost $20. Each night dinner is provided for the kids and the last night for the whole family. She's also received a bracelet, T-shirt and a CD of songs that they play daily. The VBS that starts on Sunday is one that she's going to for the past 2 years and they are really good with her & she really enjoys it.

I'm also trying to come up with some things for us to do that are fun but not going to break the bank. I'm going to put all of the ideas I come up with on slips of paper. I'm going to have PB decorate a jar and then we'll put the slips in there. After she does her "schoolwork" and cleaning we'll pull a slip from the jar. Now I just need to come up with some good ideas!

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