Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Presidential Election

I'm sitting here as I have much of the past few days pondering how anyone can vote to reelect Barak Obama.  It truly boggles my mind.  I'm not talking about the uninformed voter but that is a travesty in and of itself.  I'm talking about the intelligent, informed people that truly support the man.  There are a few people very near and dear to me that I just cannot grasp the logic of their thinking.  The man has increased the national debt more than ever before.  He's behind not 1 but 2 cover ups.  Nixon went down on Watergate and Obama literally has blood on his hands but nothing has happened.  Yes I'm completely disgusted.  There is the matter of Obamacare that I've talked about in previous posts.  I honestly do not see anything positive the man has done for the country in the past 4 years but there are scores of people trying to get him reelected.  I really wish I could understand.  My aunt is is Jewish, a nurse and a lesbian is completely pro Obama. Now if we pull the social justice issues out of it I'm really not seeing how she is pro Obama.  He has been the worst thing that has happened to US-Israeli relations since '47.

Ok, I'll get off my Obama rant for now.  I will say that I've been chatting with friends and family in California asking that everyone votes yes to prop 37.  I know that Monsanto has spent tons of money in an attempt to keep this proposition from going through but I'm really hoping it's voted in.  It would be such a positive move for consumer health.

OK, a short post but it is what it is. 

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