Monday, November 12, 2012

Um, what happened to free speech?

OK, today's post is based on THIS article.  Now I'm not about to say that what she wrote isn't incredibly stupid.   The problem is that stupid isn't illegal or really even the issue.  The issue is that she wrote something she felt and has subsequently been fired and is being investigated by the Secret Service.  This is so not ok on so many levels.  First and foremost being that we have this little thing called Freedom of Speech in this country.  I know this company is now on a fast track towards socialism but last time I checked the Constitution and it's Amendments were the law of the land.  Secondly, she did not threaten to kill Obama.  She just said that maybe he'll be assassinated this term.  Frankly she isn't the only person that has thought this.  I know that I looked at one of my closest friends after he won the first election and said that I hoped he'd written a letter for his daughters in case something like that happened.  Didn't mean that I was planning on killing him.  Just meant that we've had Kennedy and Lincoln shot while in office and an attempt on Reagan's life.  Anyone serving as President has to at least acknowledge the fact that their life is in constant peril.  As far as calling him a nigger- not cool and there is no need for it.  He has so many issues that he can be called on that are actually legitimate why bring up race?  Why do it in such a derogatory way?  Completely unnecessary.  I can't believe she lost her job for this.  How did her comment in any way, shape or form have any bearing on her job performance?  Personally I would check on the legalities of the termination.  As far as being investigated by the Secret Service I can't even begin to explain how simply ludicrous it is.  She did not make a direct threat for pete's sake.  What a waste of time and manpower.  I'll stop for now.  It's just disturbing how quickly rights seem to be disappearing. 

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