Monday, September 24, 2012

Finally! The Farm Kings!

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Holy hotness right???!!!??? And there are 10 of them! 9 boys and 1 girl. Before you ask the girl, Elizabeth, was second born so this wasn't a case of trying for a girl. 10 KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, now all I think of when I hear that is the fact that I spent 7 1/2 months of my pregnancy with PB throwing up. I can't even imagine doing it 10 times. Hats off to mom Lisa King just for that! Well that and there is no way I could come up with 9 boy names I like to save my life! First off their show is called Farm Kings and its on GAC. It premiers this Thursday. Click HERE for a complete schedule.

 I caught the Meet the Kings episode when I was channel surfing one night last week. At first I was just amazed at 2 things. 1)10 kids (see my reasoning up top) and 2) The hotness factor. The show primarily focuses on the oldest four boys Joe, Tim, Pete and Dan. The whole family has show time but the story as well as the farm is carried by the oldest boys. So I'm sitting there and I'm watching this kind of very fun loving, deeply passionate family. Every single person in the family is good looking. Like seriously handsome (and in Mom & Elizabeth's cases pretty). The show seems to focus on Pete's looks and he is definitely a hottie. No ifs, ands or buts about it. What they really don't look at is that they ALL are. I was watching Tim (3rd oldest overall, second oldest boy) and thinking if I was to write a list of what I would want my perfect man to be as far as overall looks and personality this is it. Send that letter to G-d with a please and thank you. Seriously makes the heart go pitter patter! I think Tim is going to have his own post. So back to the family.

Joe is the oldest and basically the patriarch of the family. In its own way pretty damn sexy. I mean the dude isn’t even 30 and he’s in charge of the farm, bakery and market. Oh and he’s an engineer by trade. Everything that happens goes through Joe. Lots of responsibility and that takes some pretty broad shoulders. From what I've read Joe lives with his girlfriend Heather and their 2 kids. Hey Joe- MARRY THE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there is Tim, the farmer. Man, think he'd take a phone call from me or answer a letter? I have a million and one questions to ask him about seed starting. I know that there is nothing cooler to me then when I have seeds I've planted sprout. Ever want to really get immersed in the complex beauty of nature watch some seeds sprout! Ok, I digress. So Tim is the farmer so basically the success of the farm is on his shoulders in a big way. He's got to get the seeds started. Get them strong enough to transplant and hope that they are hardy enough to take whatever Mother Nature throws their way. (I really want to ask him if they are using heirloom seeds and have considered going organic, think that's too ballsy or nosy?) Tim is also very involved in helping raise his youngest four brothers including the baby of the family Ben that was born with Down Syndrome. He is all about teaching them about farming, hunting and just growing up to be men in general. Do I even have to explain why I find Tim to be the sexiest thing walking G-d's green earth? OK, you want me to spell it out. Here it is without too much description since I really do think Tim is getting his own post. 1)He's a farmer. It works for me 2)He's a responsible guy that loves his family. Something that I've never experienced so I find it to be kind of like a unicorn. That unobtainable that you still wish for. 3)He likes tattoos obviously. 4)He's a man's man. A tough guy. We can talk about his hunting and obvious physical strength and that would all be a turn on. Then there is the fact that when he choose his tattoos he didn't wimp out on stuff. Meaning he has the band tattoo ALL the way around his arm and what looks like a dream catcher on the inside of his right arm. For the life of me I've NEVER understood these huge muscle bound men that thought they were G-d's gift to women and only did a 3/4 band tattoo. You're not guy enough to handle that underarm part? Grab a pair and man up!!!

On to Pete- Pete really does seem like a living teddy bear that just happens to be hot as hell. He has his hair in dreads and seems to give off this very bohemian vibe. He has a great smile and could definitely be centerfold material for Playgirl (I'm guessing! It's been a long time since I've checked one out!) He is also rocking a couple of tattoos I think, one on his right inner wrist (ow!) and a band under his left elbow but it looks faded so not quite sure what is up with. He in addition to be a farmer has an artist streak. He likes painting, sketching and whittling. The slide show has some pics of his woodwork. (Think he could make a fairy for PB or a wolf for me???!!???) He is also the guy in charge of the 150 or so chickens they have. Color me jealous! The damn city won't even let me keep a couple in the backyard here!!! He is also very musical and plays the harmonica and guitar. The sales at the farmers market go up when Pete's shirt come off. To be honest that is just a kind of given. Tall, blonde guy who smiles a lot and is in OMG great shape. Women respond. 'Nuff said.

Last but not least there is Dan who wants to be a partner with his brothers. There isn't as much available to read about Dan on line but he seems like he's a bit of a jokester. I LOVE that he's rocking a mohawk. Reminds me of back in the day when most of my guy friends in high school had them. (Insert '80's/90's HS daydream here) What I liked watching about Dan is that he really does seem like a jack of all trades and so eager to learn and be a part of things. He also has this gleam in his eye that reminds me of my youngest nephew. They one that makes us say that he has the devil inside and we better watch out!!! It seems like a portion of the show is going to focus on whether Dan buckles down and finds his niche and becomes a full fledged partner. I think Dan is probably very lovable but has a wild let’s have fun streak running through him.

Now as I watched the Meet the Kinds episode a few times and then did some looking them up online (both on GAC and the Freedom Farms website) I had a couple of reoccurring thoughts. As I shared the King family with some friends they mentioned this same things that I was thinking. We'll get the obvious out of the way. As already discussed this is a family of seriously good looking individuals! This is also a very big family. This is a strong family. Not quite sure what caused the split literally in marriage and business between the father and the rest of them but they stick together. That really doesn't happen often! They work their asses off. I have never seen people come together and work so hard for a common goal and be so passionate about it. Also everyone is amazed with Mom Lisa. She raised GOOD kids. 10 of them. They all clearly love and respect her and they're decent, responsible, loving individuals. I remember hearing stories of my grandmother who raised 6 kids. When the boys were acting up she’d grab them by the ear and bang their heads together. I can kind of see Mom Lisa doing that. She doesn’t seem like she’ll take any crap from anybody. That said she also seems like she’d give everything she had and then some for her family. The fact that she is so proud of her kids is pretty nice to see. The fact that her kids are so willing to do for her is awesome to see. I can’t wait for the show to kick off on Thursday night. Don’t even think about calling, texting or facebooking me!

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OK- no idea why Pete's name is centered & nothing else is I'll try to do some editting tomorrow. I have to go pay attention to my child. You know the little things: feed her dinner, give her a bath and help with homework!


Lisa said...

I noticed Tim is now wearing a wedding ring. When did he get married and who is the lucky girl ?
Watching the FARM KINGS on TV here in the UK is my daily happy hour. The show is addictive and captivating. The family members all work hard to provide a good life for the family, the work ethic is truly inspirational. All for one and one for all with love for each other despite having some differences. Lisa should be so proud of her brood. Tim is my guilty pleasure. A gentle kind man with all the tributes of a real mans man and yet he is soft, sensible and level headed. He has a hint of mystery about him,I think he likes to keep some things tight to his chest. I bet he is a great person to know and a great friend to have. He has a lovely laugh and a cheeky smile that would melt butter. Imagine those big arms wrapped around you, what a safe and loving place to be. Mmmm..... I would cross the pond just to have a coffee and chat with him. The Seed Doctor and the rest of the King Family members have an amazing strong family bond with inspirational values. They are hard working and totally there for each other. Long may 'FARM KINGS' be available to watched on British TV. I would be crushed if the program was no loner available to watch. With I could buy a Hoody to wear when I am gardening. Lisa

Sarah said...


Thanks so much for stopping by! Where do you live in the UK? My sister used to live in Peterborough. The show is (was) quite addictive. Unfortunately they have stopped taping shows and the series is over. I don't understand why they stopped as it was a lovely show with great family values! I'm sure you can guess that Tim is my guilty pleasure as well. My daughters favorite was Pete. Tim is now married to a girl named Maggie and they have a little girl. I'm sure if Maggie isn't pregnant with her second she will be soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I love watching the farm kings im from the UK. I love pete. I know he has a daughter but does he have a wife? x