Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So looking forward to this weekend

OK so the fact that I have NO social life is not even in question.  Not sure when it flew out the window but it is sure as hell gone!  That really isn't the point (I don't think)  the point is that I'm really excited to have plans for this weekend.  Plans that are actually based on me.  My thoughts and ideals are at the center for this outing and that is so exciting that I can barely contain myself.  I know there is no doubt that I love my daughter and doing things she likes or based around here. I don't like the loss of identity that comes with motherhood.  You know what I mean.  You even loose your name!  You're no longer Sarah.  It's now Princess Bear's (PB) mom.  Does that even happen to dads?  You lose control of the remote control.  I know that I'm not the only one who has looked up and found myself alone in a room watching the Disney Channel or Sprout.  I do like that PB is getting older.  It means at least she can watch some of the shows I like.  I'm certainly think she's at least a decade away from Sons of Anarchy or Criminal Minds but other things can work.  On Sunday we were on our way to her best friend Shay's house to visit (see she has more of a social life than I do!)  Anyway we were talking in the car and she was so excited and said "Kane is on tonight!"  Kane being Christian Kane and meaning Leverage of course.  I had to tell her that Leverage is on hiatus until November.  She was none too happy let me tell you!  She is getting into the idea of the Farm Kings and asked if they were on tonight!!! 

So while I love my daughter more than life itself I can say that I am so bloody excited to get out this week and do something I want to do.  Don't get me wrong PB is going to be along for the ride.  C'mon its an hour away and I plan to be there for a bit so there is no way my parents would ever sign up for that kind of babysitting.  That's ok though.  There are going to be some other kids around her age so fun will be had by all.  I'm just looking forward to being able to use my adult brain.  Talk about things that matter to me other than my child.  I'm thrilled about seeing an old friend whom I haven't seen in ages (so keep on getting some rest and feel better lady!!!).  Ok, I'm off to act like a productive member of society and/or do my best Cinderella impression before I have to pick up PB for therapy. 

HM Sarah Siggy

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