Friday, September 28, 2012

Farm Kings or Random Musings?


Just a small warning.  Actually have you ever thought about the random warning labels people might have if that was done?  I'm thinking this is most definitely mine. PB's would be "Do NOT add sugar or chocolate under ANY circumstances".   A variation on runs with scissors or doesn't play well with others.  I was going to do some more random blogging today about a few things such as:

-once again being pissed at PB's teacher
-the fact that really I should not ever under any circumstances be dealt with between the hours of 2am and 7am.  It's just not a good idea.
-more on what I want to do with my life when I grow up

BUT while some of that really was winning out I just re watched last night's premiere episode of the Farm Kings.  My former roommate and one of my dearest friends pointed out on Facebook that I am obsessed.  Um- ya think?  At least its a safe cheap obsession!  I could do much worse!  Another friend who checked out the first Farm Kings post dropped me a line asking what the thing is about Tim since its pretty much not what I've ever said my kind of guy is.  I'll go into in more when I do Tim's own post (because you know it has to be done, right?).  To say she's absolutely right is true.  My type has always been the tall (at least 6'), blonde, blue eyed military type.  No facial hair and not a lot of chest hair.  She wondered how I'd gone from that to this:

Yeah I'm not too sure either but it is most definitely working for me.  Maybe the rotten luck with the past military men?  Who knows but yeah this would pretty much be the definition of what makes me want to do some very wicked albeit fun things!  I think I've just crossed over into Tim's post again. 

Alright so last night Princess Bear's (PB) piano lesson was cancelled because her teacher was in the hospital.  So we hurried through dinner, piano practice and all of her homework.  She kept on asking how much time there was until the farmers were on.  It was kind of cute.  My dad finally was like "What the hell farmers is she talking about?"  So PB was being a pretty good kiddo last night because she wanted to watch the farmers too.  I gave her a pass and let her watch some TV and extended bedtime a little bit.  I'm such a nice mom! Anyway she was looking at the greenhouses and the show and went running into the family room where my parents were watching their own stuff screaming "Quick!  Put on the Farmers!  Mommy needs one of those so she won't grow seeds in the house next spring!".  My dad was not amused but it was great watching her trying to convince him a greenhouse was needed!  I let PB watch the first half of the show and then scooted her off to bed.  The show was a lot from the intro episode with some new things interspersed.  I goes a bit more into what what everyone does and every one's personalities.  I've got to say that after watching last nights episode that I feel kind of sorry for Dan.  I can totally relate to how he feels when he says that no one listens to him.  It is also not a fun place to be when your employer is your family as well.  It has a great side to it but it can also suck.  I'm kind of interested to see where Dan decides to carve a niche for himself.  I guess personality wise I'm a bit like Dan too in the not sticking with things but once I've made up my mind its done. 

I didn't catch the last 15 minutes of the episode last night and was kind of glad I DVRd it.  SO, if I had any doubt as to whether I'd watch the show or not I can say I'm a fan.  And its not just about the eye candy.  Actually it's a fun show.  I love watching the family dynamics at play.  It also has some funny moments and isn't that really why you watch TV?  As an escape.  It was great watching mom Lisa fuss over the cow and her calf.  It was damn cute and a reason why I should never go to something like that either.  I don't know why but the part that really fascinates me and makes me want to watch it more is the whole family dynamics thing.  Maybe it's because its so unknown to me.  In my family and extended family we don't have that or anything like that.  I loved when they talked about not holding grudges.  People do that?  Ok yes I'm kidding but it is completely foreign to my family.  Hell- my mom is still pissed about stuff that happened when I was 9.  She has the memory of an elephant!  It was also nice to see them let loose and have fun together when the played paintball.  The family celebrating Pete's birthday was also fun but seriously the suit t-shirt Pete??????  C'mon! :) 

So all in all I still give the show a thumbs up and now its based on content and not just the view.  Speaking of the view though can anyone tell me what the tattoos on Tim's chest are???????????  Thanks!          


OK, I'm out for now.  I think it's time to conquer the house. Not sure if I'll be around this weekend.  We're doing family time and taking PB to the Fine Arts Festival tomorrow.  Sunday is the day I have plans for.  So looking forward to seeing Kristy & meeting her new husband as well as everyone else.  They're planning on doing some shooting.  I wonder if I can get anyone to teach me?  Scary thought!  So not sure when I'll post again.  Monday at the latest hopefully.  Have a great weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Hey hun, I just wanted to let you know that the tats on Tim's chest are tribal bear paws. He also has a band and dream catcher on his right arm. :) I just wanted to let you know! :)