Monday, October 1, 2012

Busy weekend!

We had pretty busy weekend but fun was had by all.  On Friday evening I took Princess Bear to Portrait Innovations to (finally) get her First Communion pics taken.  The child is a complete ham when it comes to getting her picture taken. I kept on telling the photographer that I only planned on buying the special.  The bummer is that you can't purchase the CD with all the images unless you spend at least $100.  Yeah really didn't have that kind of money. I'll try to scan in the pics later.  They really did turn out incredibly well. I forget how photogenic she is.  The photographer did a great job of getting pics that didn't show her craniofacial anomalies.  I told PB that we could go back for Christmas pics and she could go crazy picking out pics then. 

Saturday morning was kind of a bumming around morning.  Pretty nice actually.  We tried to go to the Fine Arts Fair that morning but the riverfront was crammed so we decided to go back later. PB & I hit the  grocery store and then went home. My mom was having one of her moments because she thought I'd misplaced her credit card.  We went back down to the Fine Arts Fair and it was nice. I didn't get to actually look at anything which was kind of a bummer.  PB had a blast in the kids art section. It was $5 and they had face painting, origami, mask making,decorating your own tote bag, painting on wood and doing a dried been mosaic. The only thing she didn't get to do was the bean mosaic and we can do that at home sometime.  The face painting was the smash success. She was beyond mad when I made her take it off at bath time.  I promised her that she could do it again at Halloween.  We had to get home because my mom & PB both started overheating.  Here are some pics from the Fine Arts Fair Kids Fair:

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After the Fine Arts Fair everyone took a nap or vegged. My parents are sick as all get out and it seems as though I'm not too successfully fighting it off. PB and I baked Peanut butter bars. I was entirely too PMS not to indulge in peanut butter & chocolate. I forget that baking with my daughter extends the task A LOT. I have to keep on reminding myself that she needs the experience so she can start to learn baking and cooking for herself soon. My precocious daughter also decided to use 90% of the brand new body wash in the shower that night. I hate when she does stuff like that just to do! My mom made the mistake of telling PB that Aladdin was on TV so bedtime pretty much went out the window. (Note to self: buy Aladdin for Christmas). I think I finally got her down about 10pm. My insomnia is in full force so my happy a$$ didn't go to bed until after 2am. Needless to say 9am mass was just a bit on the rough side. Thank goodness Susie was there for me to talk to during PB's Sunday school otherwise I would have fallen asleep in the hallway waiting for PB to finish up. PB & I got home around 11am. It was time to watch the Fox pregame show. PB gets very grumpy since most of the TVs are tuned into the pregame show and then football for the rest of the day. After the pregame show I completely fell out for a few hours. At that point I wasn't sure if I was going to make the drive to Kristy's or take a pass. The sleep worked so PB & I were on our way around 3:30pm. Kristy said it should take about an hour. Unfortunately I could get lost inside a cardboard box. My dad called at one point to see where we were and I told him. At that point I also started thinking I could have turned the wrong way in Bradford. I voxered Kristy (LOVE that app!) and found out that indeed I had gone the wrong way. Thankfully it was a completely gorgeous day for a drive out in the country! We finally got back on track and went through Bradford the right direction. That town has some seriously great older houses! Bradford was the last town before getting to Kristy's but there was about 20-25 minutes of driving between the 2 points. PB had a wonderful time seeing the different farms and animals. She loved seeing the tractors in the fields. I'm sure I would have too if I hadn't been sneezing so much! You also know that you're in the country when the directions are based on things like the grain bins on the right and the pine grove on the left. In spite getting lost it really was a great drive and helped solidify that I want to get out to the country as soon as possible. My dad insisted that I drive his car. I'm SO not used to a 4 cylinder but was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with having the XM radio. It was 80's and 90's music the entire time. Kristy and John have a gorgeous log home. I would absolutely give my eyeteeth to have a log home. They have 13 acres and it's just so peaceful. They're having a party in 2 weeks with a Misfits tribute band. As Kristy said if you don't like tattoos and mohawks you probably shouldn't come. Seeing as those things cause no blips on my radar I'd love to go especially since I haven't camped out in G-d only knows how long. The downside is that I don't think I have a snowballs chance in hell of my parents watching PB for that kind of time. If I did I'd work on getting the other Sarah's ass down here and we could really have a Sig Lam reunion. It was so wonderful to see Kristy and meet her husband for the first time. Renee and I were chatting about our children's biological fathers as well as our exes. It seems as though Renee and I have some real similarities in those departments. John was listening to us and at one point interjected that not all men are like what Renee and I have experienced. I'm sure he's right but they are so few and far between its just not even worth looking for anymore. PB was in heaven because they had 5 cats that she got to terrorize. Kristy's daughter Mollie was also there which was great for PB since she needs every opportunity to socialize. I also had nice time meeting the new people there and having an adult conversation. PB wanted to know how soon she could come back and play. I guess Mollie's bed has a slide and it just doesn't get much cooler than that. I did learn that I need to have a small light so PB can read in the car. She brought a ton of books, coloring supplies and animals but the way back was very dark so she had little to do other than talk to me and listen to the radio. My parents kept on calling to see if we'd left yet, where we were and so on. After about the 3 call PB asked why they kept calling. I tried explaining that her grandparents were just worried about her and wanted her home. Her response was "They need to relax. I'm with my mama and we're just fine!" I do love the child! I took today off babysitting the boys since I really am feeling like crude. I miss the boys and would have loved to see them but I think I need some rest and getting them sick would just suck. I do need to go to Gymboree since I have Gymbucks to use but that might even wait until tomorrow. 3 hours of sleep when you're fighting off something is just not a good thing. I'm off to drink some tea and hope to grab some sleep. OH! ONE LAST THING! I read last night that Abercrombie & Fitch have offered Pete and Dan King some print work if they'd like the opportunity. WooHoo! Congrats to Pete & Dan. Now Abercrombie & Fitch I'm SURE it was just a small oversight but WHAT ABOUT TIM????????????????????? You know this hotter than sin guy:


Renee and I were talking about the Farm Kings last night and how they sure as heck don't have guys like that in Illinois or Iowa. I was saying that Tim pretty much would have the ability to make the word "no" fall out of my vocabulary. SO, Abercrombie you might want to fix this mistake ASAP, ok?


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