Saturday, October 20, 2012

Farm Kings Episode 4

As usual last nights episode was great.  The love, tenacity and devotion this family has is outstanding.  Actually I have found myself wondering what it would be like to be a part of a family like that.  Anyway I digress. Last nights episode was mainly dealing with the extreme heat and drought that a lot of the country dealt with this summer.  There was close to a month without rain.  That can do a big number on crops and it sure did at Freedom Farms.  I can't imagine the agony of watching your hard work and dreams just withering in the fields.  It was sad when Tim and the boys went to check on the corn.  Even worse was when Tim went to tell Lisa that she had to seriously cut back on the water she was using.  She knew that it was a very real possibility and you could tell that Tim felt really awful doing it.  She mentioned that her plants were suffering too and she had new plants coming in.  You felt for her too.  Unfortunately if you just look at the dollar and cents of it the vegetable crops are much more important monetarily than the flowers are.  I'm sure Lisa's flowers bring in great money but I just can't see a real comparison.  Luke was home for a visit and it was kind of interesting to see how his interests are so different than his siblings.  The guy is definitely motivated though!  The show wrapped up with a party that was a dual celebration of the 4th of July and Joe's birthday.  29 candles- whew!  Joe has some lung power! 

If you want to play roses and thorns of the show it would go as follows:
-Formentioned cutting off Lisa's water supply
-Forementioned drought
-They finally had a storm coming in and got a good amount of water.  Unfortunately it also brought a ton of wind and knocked the corn down.  Man did I feel sorry for those guys picking the early corn. 
-Watching the boys playing cards and goofing around
-The impromptu wrestling match in the field with Pete & Tim joining in
-The farmer's market competition between Dan & Pete.  How many of you were surprised that Dan won? 

On a completely personal note about the episode I was schooled by my 9 year old daughter last night.  I was told I was all wrong thinking that Tim is "the cutest".  It goes Pete, Dan and then Tim.  Well I know better than to fight or reason with my daughter and while she does have good taste there is obviously more to teach her! 

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