Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Alive

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Life just has a tendency to get in the way.  Hopefully tomorrow's post will be about last week's episode of the Farm Kings.  I was planning on doing it Friday but Friday was one of those days.  I babysat my nephews for a few hours and got home in time to pick up Princess Bear (PB) from school.  I wanted to take her to the nursing home to see Mary but my mom had other plans.  PB & I were on the same wave length though.  She got in the car & asked if we could go see Mary.  Instead I had to help my dad remove bricks from the patio where the new deck is (supposedly) going.  A 17' x 21' area.  We did about a 1/3 of it Friday. We used the bricks to line the walkways in the garden.  Color me happy....it has to be much better than the slippery wood we have!  By later on Friday evening my dad & I were both pretty sore.  My parent's treated PB & myself to dinner at Carlos O'Kelly's.  Saturday morning my dad & I went back to work on the patio. In the rain no less!  Yes I know I'm sounding like a princess. Saturday was my mom's day to have one of her lose her mind moments.  She removed everything from PB's room and wanted to redo it.  All this while my dad & I were working on the patio.  I actually had one of those rare conversations with my dad and I asked him why he didn't try to get my mom to chill.  He said there was no point that she wouldn't listen.  It's a very rare thing when my dad actually admits to my mom's irrational behavior.  Sunday morning I was truly sore from head to toe and knew that 9am mass was not happening.  I got PB to Sunday school almost on time though!  My sister dropped Lukie off while they all went to 9am mass.  The kid is too cute and we had a great time.  He's enthralled with the plastic rats we had out as Halloween decs.  After Sunday school PB and I went to church with my friend Susie and her kids.  Sophia and PB are in the same Sunday school class and PB loves all 3 of the kids.  It was the best behavior she'd had at mass in a very long time!  About 20 minutes into mass my mom called me.  Thank G-d I remembered to put the phone on vibrate.  Then as we were walking out my dad called wanting to know where I was.  Um, I ran away from home.  Hello???  Thought the plans had been pretty clear when I left the house.  PB & I got home and found my dad and brother in law working on the patio and it was almost done!!!!  My mom was out with my sister and nephews.  They called and decided we were celebrating my dad's birthday at lunch instead of dinner.  The boys kept on insisting we all hold hands.  Don't know what that was about but it was adorable.  Truth be told I pretty much let them do whatever their little hearts desire.  After my sister, bil & nephews left we picked up the house and then it was time for a serious nap.  I hate bye week!  My dad & I finished up the patio that afternoon.  Of course since we busted our a$$es to finish it the contractor didn't show today.  So that is the story here.  Now I'm going to go crash because tomorrow is going to be a bit crazy and I just don't do tired well. 

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