Friday, October 12, 2012

Another day another post and a bit about the Farm Kings

Ok you know the story morning glory, right? Farm Kings tomorrow. After I’ve watched the entire episode. Between Princess Bear’s (PB) bedtime and attempting to watch the VP debate (before having to turn it off in disgust. What was with Biden’s smirk???!!???) Yes I know there is another showing of the episode and actually I’m kind of watching it now but don’t know if I’ll be up that long. I actually really want to pay attention to this weeks episode since it deals with Joel Salatin and Polyface. I’ve read a lot by and about Salatin so I’m pretty stoked about this episode. SO that said I’m still going to do a bit of writing about the Farm Kings.

I was playing around my blog statistics and looking at things. The stats below are from Oct 5, 2012 1:00 AM – Oct 12, 2012 12:00 AM

Search Keywords

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SO I was looking at some of these key words and laughing a bit. I won’t even go into the grammar of it (the later it gets the snarkier I tend to get). SO I will just have some fun here. Please understand that I’m just having fun here folks, ok?

- Are any of the Farm Kings married?

Um ok, after about 2 seconds of research it is pretty apparent that none of the Kings are married. (Is this when I mention that Joe should marry Heather? lol and I wasn’t even asked to say it.) As far as relationships for the other Kings the only thing I’ve read is that Elizabeth lives with her boyfriend. That’s it.

- Does Tim King have a girlfriend? Um refer to the above. Only thing I’ve ever read is what I mentioned above. Now that said c’mon have you looked at any of them? They are all smokin’ hot so let’s mention the reality of them all having girlfriends. Probably very probable! Isn’t that why many people are tuning in? The eye candy factor? The fact that if given the chance we’d all step up to the plate to apply for the role of a King girl. They’re all sponge worthy (check out the old Seinfeld when Elaine is talking about if a guy is sponge worthy or not). Now for the reality of it. It’s not going to happen. (Hey can the idiot who sent me the hate email please re-read what I just wrote?) Ok, I’ll be nice now. Just don’t appreciate hate mail, especially when I’m just having fun.

- Tim’s tattoos. Go to the Tim’s post day and check out the comments. Long and short someone who knows Tim dropped a line that the bear claw tattoos are a symbol of strength.

I went down to talk to Wanda today about the couple of piercings I want and the white tattoo. I walked in and started asking questions to the lady in the front. After the second or third question she said “Ok, we need to go talk to Wanda.” Ok sounds good to me. I’ve known of Wanda since the end of high school. She used to tattoo my fingernails for me. She is working on a guys tattoo. I look and its my friend Ted. I completely adore Ted. He is truly one of the sweetest most incredible people I’ve ever met. I’ve known him since high school. He is also friends with my brother. Back in the day Ted was way into the whole punk alternative scene. I love looking at pics of him from back in the day because it reminds me of how we all were so anti- establishment and into being true to ourselves. I actually found some pics of Ted from back in the day- not hard since they're on his Facebook page!



I can’t find any of me. I need to drop Jen a line because she had one of us from the old Stage 2 days. Me rocking the shaved head with long bangs look. Man did I put my parents through a lot. Anyhoo- this is going into a completely different post. So I’m going to go watch the Farm Kings and then sleep since I have the boys tomorrow.

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